Sunny Days

I am already loving my time here in Tampa. It’s always nice to come home during the holidays, but it’s also just that: the holidays. Which always means, rushing to get things ready, prepping menus, cleaning the house, having guests over. I love getting to travel down here for just regular days. There’s nothing like spending time with family and I think because I live so far away, I cherish every second a million times more. Not one second is taken for granted. 
I flew in Thursday night, just in time for dinner with my parents and spent all of yesterday roaming around town with my mom while she ran errands. I was going to spend the day working, but decided to leave my inbox unread for a couple of days. We had the best time shopping, lunching, and visiting my sister at work. And then a family dinner!
I know there are at least a few people who think I’m crazy for wearing long sleeves and jeans in Florida, but I get pretty cold in the air conditioning. And almost everywhere is highly air conditioned. I’m always freezing in restaurants and stores so I’d rather be a little warm for the 30 seconds walking between the car and the building than spend two hours inside cold!
That said… two things I’ve decided everyone needs right now: this pom pom striped shirt and this straw hat.
The shirt speaks for itself (navy, pom poms, and stripes… hello!), but the hat is seriously amazing. Not only is it under $30, it has a gorgeous grosgrain bow and it’s adjustable. (There’s a little tie inside that you can make tighter, which is key for extra windy days at the beach or even boat rides.) I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this hat from now until Labor Day!

Have a great weekend!!

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I flew into Tampa thursday night too! We have a vacation house down here and its my absolute happy place.

Julia Engel

You are the cutest and I need both the hat & the striped pom pom shirt! I'm bummed I didn't get that piece when I blacked out and ordered way too much J.Crew stuff last week. Wish I was there with you! XO

Jessie @ Just Jessie

Love the outfit!! I have to be honest, I'm kind of terrified of hats which is completely irrational. I just don't know that I can pull one off, but then again, I've never tried! This one is so cute!