Sunny Disposition

Every time I get to that point where I think I’ve had enough of the city… I have these miraculously beautiful days. The weather is perfect. Work goes smoothly. A couple of a-ha moments occur. The to-do list isn’t crushing my soul. Every drop of coffee is perfect. The subway is efficient. And my hair isn’t giving me too much trouble. (A good hair day almost always equals a good day.)
Today was simply one of those days. From the minute I woke up (literally, I jumped out of bed), I knew it was going to be good. Don’t you just love that feeling? It’s sweeter than adrenaline, but pumps through your veins and forces your lips to curl upwards into a smile all day long.
How was your day?
PS This is basically my go-to look. I love the denim on (white) denim and I think that I stand (literally and figuratively) so much taller in some heels!

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Kate Mitchell

Love the outfit! That's great that you had such a good day since you had that rough time last week. You earned it!



So glad to hear you are having a great day! Did you happens to see those adorable anchor cotton PJ set that showed up on J Crew Factory today? They reminded me something you would post on Instagram.


You look amazing! What WarbParks are you wearing??

Also, have you ever considered bangs? I feel like you have the perfect face for them and would look so adorable in them.

Glad to hear things are going a bit smoother for you now!