I’m notoriously bad at keeping secrets. If it’s something serious and someone asks me not to tell, that I put in the vault. But if it’s something I’m doing and I’m just too excited (presents, surprises, whatever), it’s so hard for me to keep it in. My only hope is to try not to think about it so much so I don’t get pumped up in my head– that’s when I start to feel like I’ll explode if I don’t share!
My best friend since childhood had foot surgery on NYE and was planning on recovering at their Cape house for a couple of weeks. I reached out to her mom and asked if I could come surprise her with a visit. Here Nicole is texting me the past few weeks about how she misses me and that we need to plan something “when her foot heals” and I am dying to tell her that we’ll see each other in, like, seven freaking days.
I actually surprised Nicole at her high school graduation party too… flying into Boston secretly to see her! It was fun then and it was just as fun now!
Nicole’s older sister Janelle was in on the act too and we both decided it was too much anxiety for a Saturday morning. She was freaking out and I was shaking so hard. We also hadn’t really thought through how the surprise would happen so we were texting each other while I hid on the side of the house and she was pacing in the kitchen. (I was flat against Nicole’s wall and could hear her laughing from inside bahaha!)
So Janelle sneaks me in… and asks if Nicole could help her in the kitchen… and out hobbles Nicole on crutches. She looks up and bam! Waterworks. I feel kind of bad for surprising her so much because she just bursts into tears, but…. sorry Colie, it’s worth it.
Nicole’s friends were over for the weekend and we all had too much fun hanging out. (And prepping to win the Power Ball. It included sage, a fox outside the window, and creepy coincidences all afternoon that had us in tears from laughing.)
By Sunday morning, everyone had left to head back to Boston for various reasons. Nicole and her mom and I sat around in the kitchen the entire day laughing and catching up and sharing old stories and new ones too. It’s crazy how our families ended up meeting. The chance that we’d both move into the same Boston suburb right next door to each other is fate. We get along so well. Our dads, our moms, our sisters…. and then there’s us. What we have is so special. It’s actually kind of hard to describe, but I think we always realize just how rare and lucky the kind of friendship we have is.
Our parents often visit each other and I’ve seen the girls a bunch randomly throughout the year, but we have plans in March for everyone to be together again. We can’t remember the last time this happened, where all eight of us are in the same place at the same time. Needless to say, it should be amazing. (You should see our moms together… they get into these fits of laughter where they’re no longer even talking, just standing there unable to breathe as they cry from laughing. In public.)


PS Can we talk about this gem of a photo? We used to meet the Driscolls in NYC for mini family vacations:

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This is too precious!! I surprised my childhood best friend this past Easter when she didn't know that I was coming home to Maine (I go to school in NC!) for Easter… my other good friend brought her to the bus station to pick me up when my bus from the airport came in, and I had a huge sign for both of them. My best friend was so surprised- I'll never forget it! This will be a special memory that Nicole will never forget. 🙂

xoxo A

3 Peanuts


You all looked like you were having the best time this weekend. Those close friendships from childhood and with other women I've met as I had my own kids have been so important to my well being and growth in adulthood. I am glad you have them. They are irreplaceable sources of wisdom, laughter and joy.

Andrea Buginsky

This is such a great story! My bestie and I live several states away from each other, and I haven't seen her in ages. But when we talk, it's like we're in the same room again. I'm so glad you were able to surprise your friend.

Amy Grogan

I love this post. Treasure these moments, please. My BFF since first grade passed unexpectedly last February. We had many great moments, but had been very busy the last few years and only saw each other a couple times a year despite living 20 minutes from each other. It gets easier to deal with as the months pass, but I still regret not having more moments. Have as many of them as you can. <3 🙂