Sweet Lemon No. 7

Oh, these past two months have been a whirlwind of crazy. It’s hard to believe that we launched the sixth issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine two months ago. Where does the time go?
This issue is jam-packed with amazing-ness. Honestly…. over 100 pages of articles, shoppables, interviews, and advice. Some familiar faces, and lots more new ones. I only see the magazine in bits and pieces throughout the couple of months leading up to the launch. Here and there I receive copy, but it isn’t until I get the final proofs that I can really see the magazine on the big scale. I have to admit, I get super giddy going through. (Only the first time, because from then on I’m way more critical and it’s not that much fun. Honestly. Eep.)

Let’s see….
In Sweet Lemon No. 7, you’ll find:
Feature on Dallas blogger Krystal Schlegel
An amazing story on She’s the First founder Tammy Tibbetts
A tour of Washington, D.C.‘s must visit places
Style guide for commuting to work
Spotlights on five amazingly creative entrepreneurs
An all-important guide to staying healthy during finals season
Simple ways to make the most of giving back during the holidays
And feeding off of that, a how-to for entertaining in your 20s
I’m so proud of the entire team for pulling together and making it happen. One of my favorite things is that we are all literally across the country working simultaneously to produce one product. Yes, we collaborate via Skype and Gmail (and the occasional frantic phone call), but for the most part… we’re all off doing our own things. I think that’s pretty incredible.
Here’s the latest issue! Let me know what your favorite article is in a comment!

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I always look forward to the magazine as well the blog too 🙂
Excited to read this tomorrow 🙂


Julia D.

Congratulations to you and the entire Sweet Lemon team. Looks like you all had a great time putting it together, if the video is any indication!