Sydney Evan @ Sydney Buchanan

Two of my favorite things:
2) Stacks

Back in elementary school “power beads” were this huge fad.  I had about twenty (all of which were bought at Sydney, of course).  I remember sitting with my friends during recess and we would have conversations about what bracelet we chose meant about our personality…… Deep stuff.
These bracelets by Sydney Evans are definitely the updated and classier version of the power beads from  pre-2000.
Pop one or two of these into your everyday stack and you have yourself a burst of color and a twist of fun.
I love the charms, see the peace one?  So cute!

Sydney’s website only lists a few options, so if you want to get one that isn’t shown, call her and she’ll order it for you!
PS Interested in a bracelet?  Contact Sydney Buchanan directly and she may be able to offer a better price 🙂

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I had power beads too! They were the coolest things to have back then haha but I definitely love these so much more!!


Were you kidding when you wrote that all of them were by Sydney Evans?
If you weren't then wow…your parents let you have 20 $800 bracelets in elementary school?


Hey anonymous read a little closer, bought at Sydney Buchanan not that all ARE Sydney Evan.