What do y’all think?

I contacted Emily June to help me revamp my blog, and I am so so so happy that I did!

She was an absolute doll to work with and incredibly talented!

If you’re looking to change up your blog, here are some tips:

  1. Go into it with a plan, but be prepared to make some changes.
  2. Check it out other blogs and make a list of what you like, and what you don’t like.
  3. Communicate exactly what you want, even if it seems awkward.
  4. If you get a rough draft, show it to a few friends who have critical eyes; they may be able to see something you don’t (California Funk spotted a weird looking “r” in prep… And voila, new font fixed the problem!)
I’m so thrilled about all the changes that have been going into my blog. New dot com, new background… I’m thinking of changing the direction though. Have any ideas? I was thinking of doing a fictional weekly segment in addition to my normal posting: The Secret Life of the College Prepster, or Confessions of the College Prepster… Let me know what y’all think!!!

Emily June is great to work with– I definitely, definitely, definitely recommend!

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What a fantastic new look…just proves we can all learn by asking questions and/or asking for help. This proves it…Good job Carly!!!


So frustrated with blogger!! I was trying to comment before but my login wouldn't work…anyway your new layout is FABULOUS! I love it!!!


i love it!! and i saw your tweet about people telling you how to run your blog.. don't let it get to you. if it makes you happy thats all it's meant for and i think it's fab 🙂