Normally, I don’t follow through with these award things. I love receiving them, but I completely forget when I go to write blog posts.

Anyways, Olive My Life tagged me for an award. And it had a fun little rule thingamajig so I thought I’d play along. And CP confession…. I really am obsessed with her wall art for Belle of the Wall. She’s incredibly talented. Check it out HERE.

Okay, so I have to say seven things about myself. Who doesn’t want to know more about me (haha, just kidding… don’t answer that. hehe)???

1. I’m crazy. Like, legit crazy. Don’t bring ketchup around me, don’t bring dirt around me, don’t bring me around loud noises. Or else you’ll see the real crazies come out. Although, I have been trying to be better about it. California Funk and Little V can attest to that.I knew CF wasn’t getting both of us in the picture. Hence, my exasperated face. Please note the “Snarly” name tag. Apparently, that’s my new nickname.

2. I do not sleep with a pillow. No sir, no way.My dorm freshman year… oh how I miss you.

3. Not wearing my glasses leads to horrible migraines. UGH.
4. I’m a coxswain. And I love it.Henley four 🙂

5. Currently, nail polish, coffee, and watches are my obsessions.Excuse the frizzies!

6. Even though I may seem more left brained, I think I may be more right brained.Randomly painted this for California Funk…. kind of obsessed with the colors. I’m going to do a super high res scan of it.

7. DREAM JOB: WORK FOR KATE SPADE. Are you listening KS????? Hello???? HIRE ME!

Kate Spade for the Polyvore contest.. I’m still bitter I didn’t win. Boo. Yes, Sore loser, right here.


Thanks for the tag!

PS don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

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Get rid of the crazies… catsup is American…noise is in cheering for the hometeam, music concerts, happiness with people having fun. Life is full of noise, subways, jets, street traffic etc. Just sharing excitement, causing noise is normal. Good luck on releasing the crazies and move on.

Ashley Carole

The name tag made me laugh! I just watched that episode of How I Met Your Mother this weekend! I also am obessed with watches too, but I can't seem to find the right one yet!