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You know I’m really obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg… so naturally I’m pretty jealous of her granddaughter Talita. I mean, she sits in on meetings with Anna Wintour and had mini wrap dresses made for her when she was a child. #dreamlife
TWO // Girls Season 3
I CANNOT WAIT. Guys, I used to not like Girls. I thought it was gross. But then I started watching it again and I’m hooked. Seriously hooked. I’ve watched both seasons and re-watched quite a few of the episodes already. While a lot of it is so not normal, some of it is. And those scenes are just hilarious when you live here. I’m very much a Shoshanna… Who wants to throw a viewing party for the premier of the third season?!
Refinery 29 put together the best hidden features for the new iOS 7. Yes, my phone dies three times a day, but these features are pretty great. Changing the vibration, genius. Something I didn’t even know I needed.
I love this. Alternative education is something that I’m pretty interested in. I love the story and the timeline of the history of alternative school is cool too! It’s kind of a long read, but it’s worth it. I actually think that it’s super inspiring… how many times have you wish you knew how to do something or wanted to know more about a subject… Why not adopt this theory for your own exploratory learning.
FIVE // Dream House
Okay, I think I’m moving downtown. You know, because this is only the most perfectly amazing house… 
What’s on your radar this week?
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I read that article about schools and a radical new teaching method. I'm a teacher, and I remember learning in one of my education theory courses about a school in England sometime in the 50's, maybe 60's? It was based on the same principle: kids completely direct their own learning. It let kids chose their own classes, come and go as they please. The kids eventually ran it down, and it shut after several years.

Jessica Joyce

You are definitely Shosh, but I try not to relate myself to any of the GIRLS since they're all exactly girls that I know or am friends with. I did, however, write a research paper last semester on GIRLS and comparing it to "real life" in my Brooklyn. Oh, gosh.
Viewing party? COUNT ME IN.
Your Friend, Jess