Tampa Time

Getting out of the city always makes time slow down, in a good way. There’s something about coming to Tampa that makes time slow down even more. It’s such a refreshing change of pace and I relish literally every second of it. I tend to come down to Florida when it’s cooler (November/December/February), so it was nice to be here when it was hot. And hot is a little bit of an understatement with afternoons nearly reaching 100 degrees.
With air conditioning cranking, nice fans in every room, and cars instead of the subway it’s not so bad. And with pools and beaches, it’s that much better. Garrett and I found ourselves in the pool every single day. I don’t think my parent’s pool has been used this much since we were kids.
We packed a ton into this Florida trip and I’ll be sharing more of it in later posts. But first, the backyard.

This is what paradise looks like! We spent so much time out here in the pool and playing ball with Teddy. 
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Teddy was apprehensive about the pool at first even though he knows how to swim. However, by the end of our trip he was jumping into the pool to fetch balls like a pro. I couldn’t stop laughing as he doggy paddled around and literally leapt from the steps into the water. He even took rides around the pool on the swan and freaking loved it!!!
^^ Inspired by Taylor Swift! ha!
One night, we decided to roast s’mores in our fire pit. It’s always fun, but we got extremely toasty out there by the fire and the whole family ended up jumping into the pool for a night swim. I say this every trip, but I really do count my blessings every time the group of us is together. I hate living far away so I try to soak it all up to last me until the next visit.
Time in Florida, as slow as it seems, still goes by way too quickly! I get sick to my stomach pulling out of the driveway. And even after all these years of living away from home (seven years!!!) I still tear up a little. 
The swan is sold out and backordered at so many places, but you can still get it on Amazon. Remember how I excited I was about the inflatables last month? It’s even better than I imagined. It’s massive!!! We had it blown up professionally and then our only option to get it home was in my mom’s convertible with the top down. Two people can comfortably fit and because it’s so big, you’re actually out of the water, unlike other floats where you kind of sink. Everyone had fun with it. Even my dad who hates pool toys thought it was fun.

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Awe it looks like you had so much fun!! I loved all your snap stories from the trip as well! It made me extremely jealous of the fact that your fan lives in Florida all the time! Can't wait to see more posts about the trip 🙂

Annie // Annie N Belle

Ajnira Muminovic

You make Florida sounds magical and real! Makes me wanna book my ticket now and go there. And what a lovely photos you took there.



I'm pulling out of the driveway in a couple hours after some lovely and MUCH needed home and whole-family time and I totally share your feelings.

Katie M

Seems like you had a great time! I love that Teddy goes on the swan- my dog was a bit apprehensive about our pool at first but will never go on our swan!



That picture of the s'mores is INCREDIBLE!! *casually drools on my keyboard* ahaha! I have family down in Boca but I'm from the Connecticut shoreline, personally, so I definitely know that sinking feeling in your tummy as you pull out of the driveway to head back up north – quite honestly, I wish I could stay there forever, sometimes! <3

xoxo, Brooke of The Pink Lyme ( )