Tartan Flats

I couldn’t wait to show you these flats. Yesterday, I checked the mail and instead of the usual credit card offers and grocery store coupons, it was filled with holiday catalogs. Normally I’d say it was way too early for Christmas, but with all the craziness in the news right now, I’m kind of looking forward the holiday season and the sooner, the better.

Anway, one of the catalogs was Talbots and I spotted the cutest tartan flats:

Tartan Flats

The Mira Flat from Talbots is incredibly comfortable. I got a red pair this summer (worn with this off the shoulder top). But I’m really feeling the tartan for the upcoming holiday months. I haven’t been wearing heels at all so I love this festive option.

The only question now is should I go for the navy or red pair?!?! They’re so cute; maybe both 😂

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Hi Carly, I’m a new follower of yours and discovered you via Julia from Lemon Stripes and Julia from Gal Meets glam. Those shoes are so lovely and I’m like you, I love flats (I’m so tall, I don’t really need to be much taller;)! I would probably buy a red pair (my favourite colour) but since you already have one yourself I think I would suggest the navy ones to give you more matching options:) . Thanks for the recommendation. Love, Julie


I vote navy because you know that J Crew is going to release another insanely cute red tartan d’orsay for the holiday!


Oooh! I didn’t even know that tartan flats existed and I’ve fallen in love with the ones in your picture!!


Love them all! I would have a difficult time choosing, too. I’d want the blue plaid for everyday and the red plaid for holidays, so I think you should get them both!


Hi, Carly! Love all of your posts. These shoes are such a cute find! I’m a nurse, so I find on my days off I’m always craving flats or low heels. So hard to motivate myself to slip my feet into something high! Curious about the fit- are they true to size? I am always hesitant with shoes that have a pointed toe.


True to size! The pointed toe is very slight so easy to walk in and doesn’t pinch toes!


I was just on yhe Talbots website today. Thinking of getting the red tartan and a similar oair in calfskin.