You guys know I’m the worst concert goer in history and I was very certain I would skip out on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour…. With that said, I am experiencing major FOMO. It looks incredible from everything I’ve seen online and now I’m desperate to figure out a way to go! The ticket prices are absolute madness so I’ll very likely just continue to watch all the concert footage via TikTok and admire everyone’s Taylor Swift concert outfits, ha.

What to Wear for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

If you’re a mom heading to the Eras concert and aren’t sure what to wear I’ve got you covered. I pulled together 4 outfits inspired by Taylor Swift’s iconic eras that will make you feel like a true Swiftie!

Taylor Swift Fearless Outfits for Moms

This era was all about soft, romantic looks with a touch of sparkle. For a Fearless inspired outfit, try a flowy sparkly gold skirt and pair it with a white feminine blouse. Add a touch of sparkle with delicate jewelry, like a dainty gold heart pendant necklace.

Fearless Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas for Moms

White Smocked Top // Gold Skirt (under $120) // Heart Necklace // Clear Crossbody // White Sneakers

Taylor Swift Lover Outfits for Moms

If you want to embrace the colorful pastel vibes of Taylor’s Lover era, choose a pink midi dress with eyelet or ruffle details. Layer a lavender denim jacket over top, and pair it with comfortable sneakers. Accessorize with heart statement earrings, and a clear fanny pack.

Lover Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas for Moms

Lavender Jacket ($25) // Pink Maxi Dress (under $100) // Heart Earrings // Sneakers // Clear Fanny Pack

Taylor Swift Folklore Outfits for Moms

Channel the ethereal Folklore vibe with a flowy, boho maxi dress and oversized cozy cardigan. Accessorize with layered necklaces and delicate rings to add a whimsical touch.

Folklore Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas for Moms

Cardigan Sweater // Floral Dress (under $150) // Opal Necklace // White Sneakers

Taylor Swift Midnights Outfit for Moms

Capture Taylor Swift’s edgy and glamorous Midnights era in your own outfit by opting for sparkly and metallic touches. Pair a sparkly purple dress with rhinestone boots for a fun and dazzling outfit and accessorize with star earrings to complete your Midnights look. If rhinestone boots aren’t your thing, a pair of white sneakers is always a good choice.

Midnights Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas for Moms

Sparkly Dress (wear with my favorite slip) // Star Earrings // Rhinestone Boots // Clear Crossbody


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Ellen E. Elliotte

Dare I say you nailed it? So realistic but totally on theme. While I was very busy at work and wore a bright color but nothing special, it was the most amazing night, enhanced by everyone’s creativity!


I love the idea for this post, but to only do 4 Taylor outfits feels like sacrilege lol


How does being a mom impact what you wear to a concert you’re attending without your kid(s)? Even if my kids were old enough to go to a concert with me, I don’t see how that would impact what I wear, because it’s not like I would be holding or chasing after my teenagers. As someone in your target demographic, the “as a mom” part of this post makes no sense and doesn’t resonate with me. Should I also be dressing differently at work “as a mom” even though my kids aren’t there? Date night? The gym? I just don’t see why being a mom would impact my style when my kids aren’t even around.


As a 54 year old mom, taking my 14 year old daughter to see Taylor, I could not beleive when I Googled “Outfits for moms going to Taylor Swift” and your post popped up like a gift! Your styling is so spot on!!! Exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.