Teddy Snuggles

We’ve turned a major corner with Teddy. He’s definitely “settling down.” He absolutely has a lot of puppy left in him, but he has become super snuggly. I really love it. (Even when I’m working and he insists on immobilizing my left arm with his chin, I love it.)
He snuggles pretty much everywhere… on the bed, on the carpet, on his dog bed, on my desk chair, on the pajamas I left on the floor. But his new favorite spot? Wherever the Chappy Wrap is. Chappy Wrap sent me this black watch blanket last week… it’s super soft and cozy. I thought it’d be the perfect blanket for movie nights and early morning coffee + emailing. Well, Teddy has claimed it for his own.
I’ve never seen him take to something so deeply! Even his favorite bunny toy pales in comparison to this blanket. He is always on it!!! It gets cuter by the minute. I started documenting his poses on it to send to my mom and Garrett while he was in class. It doesn’t seem fair that I’m home all day with him and no one else gets to see this absolute cuteness in action. 
Please note, all these photos are taken at various times and days. Hahah!
“I’ll just rest my head here!”
“Perfect spot for my ears to flop over.”
“Nice view from up here.”
“Let’s nap first, play later.”
“Can you turn the TV down? It’s a little loud.”
“Now you see me, now you don’t.”

He gets cuter by the day!

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