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This is one of my most favorite life-moments. I’m in Teen Vogue!!! I could cry from excitement (oh, wait… I did.) I knew the issue was coming out and I had been counting down the days. I actually didn’t think it would be out so soon and was previewing C. Wonder’s summer collection when I saw it. I started getting texts and Tweets and oh! it was exciting.
The feature is part of Teen Vogue’s Inst@list! I’m so honored to be one of the ten Instagrammers featured. Be sure to check out the other girls and their profiles– and you can enter to be the eleventh!
I’m also really excited because we’re all part of a “fashion show” on Instagram with everyone from the #Instalist 🙂 Isn’t that fun? Can’t wait!
So excited to be able to share the experience with all of you!!! It means the world to me!
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