Thank YOU

No sales or gift guides here today (come back tomorrow for an epic post), but I just wanted to pop in to say thank you. I absolutely love being able to do what I do online and I 100% owe it to you. I love sharing bits of my life and the fun experiences I have, but it’s really only because of you that I have these opportunities and I want to say thank you.

Thank you for your comments, your tweets, your Snapchats. Thank you for visiting my blog daily and watching my Youtube videos and liking my Instagrams. Thank you for sending sweet emails; they make my day every day. Thank you for coming to meet and greets and saying “hello” on the street.

I’m coming up on my eight year blog anniversary and being able to share this crazy ride with you is a dream come true. I feel like we’re in this together and it makes it a whole lot more fun.

Thanksgiving Table

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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Thank you Carly for posting great content and sharing your life with us. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Thank you for your inspirating blog, dear Carly!!! I love every post in your blog, every pic in your Instagram, and, of course, i love your pretty puppies!
Thank you sharing your Life with us! You always give me so much!!!

Colleen Ray

Happy Thanksgiving Carly!! I have been reading your extraordinary blog every day since 8th grade, and as a now freshman in college, I am so thankful for your light, your wisdom, and sharing in part of your life!! So grateful!