The Beach.

Oh, I’m craving the beach.
Things are INSANE at Levo League right now. In the most exhilarating, a million miles a minute, high energy, high impact, amazing-all-the-time way. Seriously…. just get ready.
Even though it’s super stressful (my emotions have been out of whack from all the craziness), it’s been awesome. Sometimes I sit in on these meetings and I look around at some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and I’m just, like…. whoa. It’s amazing.
The next two weeks are going to be crazy-town (again, in the best way way). During the day, I am always shocked when I look up and realize that it’s after six. Of course, I also come home to basically my “second job” (aka TCP) and I’ve actually managed to have a ton of fun with friends almost every night. How I am still standing is kind of a miracle.
While I was in bed the other night, I was dreaming of the beach. I typically don’t really like to take breaks, but the beach seems like it would be really quite wonderful right now. A little sand, a lot of sun, a pile of books, and a few days to relax.
(this is how I survive the beach in reality… towel, hat, umbrella, and some serious sunscreen.)
What kind of break would you choose right now?

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Vina Smith

I hear you! New York has been just awful this winter… A day at the beach would be beyond fabulous at this point 🙂


Julia D.

I guess I'll break the trend of warm-weather wishes. I'd love a ski vacation. Getting outside and being active then coming home to a cozy blanket, hot tea, and a book=perfection.