The Best Halloween Costumes (… and what’s on my radar)

My favorite Halloween costume (#WinterBarbie, duh)right before we moved to Florida…

ONE // Halloween Costumes
I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Growing up, I actually didn’t mind Halloween. (Well, I was never a fan of knocking on strangers’ doors or walking around in the dark when I was little.) But when we lived in Florida, we’d always trick-or-treat with good friends and then hang out on their porch to pass out candy. After sixth grade (my friend and I felt really old in our costumes with the “little kids”), we basically would just go to someone’s house and watch scary movies, but we always had a good time. Now though, I’m just not into it. For no particular reason, I just am not too gung ho about it.
But I will say, I was getting a kick out of some of the costumes showing up on my Instagram feed… My two favorites: My friend Kathryn as Wednesday Addams (seriously perfect) and Emily’s little Hazel from Emphasis Added:

The Daily Muse put together this amazing list of fifty people who are changing the world. 1) I think the list is just incredibly inspiring and 2) I was really impressed by how diverse it was. What I really took away from the list is that there are endless ways to change the world. Every single person on that list is changing the world and following their passions… that’s extra incredible, right?
THREE // The Perfect Cape
Has the perfect cape been found? Sources say yes. Leslie Tessler’s capes are pretty much amazing. I’ve been seeing them pop up on Instagram and Pinterest and I think I’m in love. There are so many cute colors and shapes to choose from, but I’m a bit partial to this herringbone cape. 
I mean, can we talk about this? Chic, right down to that little pup.
FOUR // McKayla Maroney Has Never Been Impressed
A tiny McKayla is caught making the iconic look. Hilarious.
FIVE // Running Late
I used to always be on time. And by on time, I mean 10 or 15 minutes early. Living in NYC though it can be frustrating to commute to different locations and make it on time. (The worst is when you’re on a stopped subway underground and can’t even warn people.) I honestly try so hard to make it to places in time, often giving myself forty minutes to make whatever trek needs to happen. But I am definitely guilty of showing up five or 10 minutes late a couple of times of week. When did that become okay? I love this article by Greg Savage because I think it really demonstrates an important point. I’m recommitting to being ON TIME. Who’s with me?
(Oh, and one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is late and shows up holding a Starbucks cup…)
What’s on your radar this week?

PS I uploaded an old video to Youtube yesterday. (I filmed it in the summer and kind of forgot about it honestly… hence the sleeveless dress!) Be sure to subscribe to my channel to get the latest videos 🙂
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Oh Carly, you just confirmed one of my fears. I was that girl late to class with the Starbucks a few times and I just KNEW what people were thinking. I always wanted to wear a sign that read, "Woke up at 5 AM, got Starbucks around 6:30 AM, traffic jam/dog threw up as I was walking out the door/alarm got stuck on and I had to wait for the company to turn it off/etc.etc.etc.," so they would understand I wasn't chilling with the baristas and my macchiato while everyone else was studiously taking notes!


Carly– if you're looking for a good cape, you must check out Ellsworth & Ivey. I reviewed one on my blog today, and the designer is based in NYC! xo

Julia D.

Um, can we just TALK about how amazing that Wednesday Addams costume is? I think I know what I'm being for Halloween next year…