The Best Way to Eat a Thin Mint

My mom is the worst best. She sent up a package filled with boxes of Girl Scout cookies. They’re the best. Thank goodness they’re only available once a year. I couldn’t handle it if they were always available. Seriously, I may have to replace Brussels sprouts with cookies as my primary diet. Which would just be awful.
Seriously, I typically have okay self control when it comes to food. These little guys? ZERO. I found myself sitting on the floor of my bedroom stress eating the cookies. Yea, it was bad. Not one of my finest moments. But, it’s in the spirit of the Girl Scouts so I guess it’s okay…. right?
So the Samoas are pretty amazing. I used to not like them, but they’ve turned into a new favorite of mine.
But the Thin Mints will always be my favorite. (Is it just me, or have they gotten smaller over the years? I justify my ridiculous consumption of them based on this fact.)
We’re a “Thin Mints Belong in the Freezer” kind of family. They absolutely taste better when super, super chilled.
But want to know how to make them taste even better? My high school crew coach’s wife taught us this trick and it’s truly amazing. I should put a disclaimer out there that I would rather go to the dentist than drink a glass of milk (omg, gross). But this is absolutely the only exception when milk in a glass to drink is okay.
Essentially, you make a cookie straw and drink the milk. Yea. When you were little (or, if you’re like me… now) did you ever drink Sprite with Twizzler straws? It’s the same concept!!!
You take the cookie and bit a little bit off opposite ends. There are tiny holes throughout the inner cookie, which creates this amazing straw. The milk ends up tasting like chocolate milk and the cookie turns into the perfect texture. The colder the cookie and the colder the milk, the better. Take that oreo!!!
Do it. I dare you.
What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
PS Has anyone tried the Crumbs Thin Mint Cupcake?! There’s a Crumbs like four blocks away from my apartment and it’s taking extreme willpower not to go down and taste test. I’m secretly hoping it’s horrible so I don’t end up eating it every morning for breakfast. My suspicion, however, is that it’s delicious. 
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Samoas and Thin Mints are my favorite too! Hands down the best girl scout cookies 🙂

xo Liva

Deborah Yi

I definitely bought Thin MInts for my dad's birthday because I knew he didn't like them as much and I could have them. Yeah, I know, selfish.


The milk tip reminds me of the Tim Tam Slam my college roommate taught me!

Tim Tams are a chocolate covered wafer cookie (I'm not sure if you have them in the US?). You bite off opposite corners of the rectangular cookie and you drink the first sip of your hot chocolate with your Tim Tam Straw and eat the cookie right away! Hence, the Tim Tam Slam. The hot chocolate melts the inside of the cookie and it is SO GOOD. Also, so dangerous.


Peanut Butter Patties (tag-alongs) are my fave! Being a Girl Scout, I simply CANNOT avoid cookies. Its awful… I eat so many! But if you ever run out… just know there are always Girl Scouts (even high school aged ones!) around to help you restock!


I've never heard of that way to eat a Thin Mint.

We would always put the roll in the freezer, wait like fifteen minutes, and eat them with ice cream or just plain. Trust me – it's a great way to eat them.



I never grew up eating girl scout cookies, but I completely understand the attraction. It's how I feel about petit ecolier cookies (the shortbready cookies with one side dipped in chocolate? my childhood), I could stress eat a whole pack, unfortunately (I think most of us could with some kind of cookie thought).

That looks like a super fun way to eat a thin mint and, as a bonus, it must make the cookie last longer 😉

Jessie Springer

We only bought tagalongs this year, but I'm going to have to get my hands on some thin mints so I can try out your little trick!!



This. is. amazing. Thin Mints & Samoas are my favorites so I will definitely be trying this as soon as I get some Girl Scout cookies 🙂


Samoas, Thin Mints and Do-Si-Does are my favorites 🙂 I put TM in the freezer too, they're soo good! They even taste amazing crushed up and sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream – way better than paying $8 for the pre-made Thin Mint ice cream! 🙂

carelessly graceful


Samoa's will always be my favorite! And I also have no control when it comes to eating them! Btw, the Keebler Elves cookies are actually the original recipes that the Girl Scouts base their cookies on, so you can find similar and really yummy cookies at the grocery store!


Ashley Mason

My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Peanut Butter Patties. There's a frozen yogurt place about ten minutes away from me that has Thin Mint frozen yogurt, and my sister absolutely loves it!



i am a sucker for girl scout cookies. i love thin mints! chocolate and mint is the best. once you run out of thin mints, email me and i'll ship you some mint chocolate chip cookies.

ps i still drink sprite with twizzlers. if you have a trader joes near you, check out their strawberry licorice. perfect straw. 🙂

i'm only 23. it's still okay that i eat like a 6 year old.


Samosa and Thin Mints are my favs too. And I'd also rather go to the dentistbthan drink a glass if milk, so gross! Regretting giving my bestie my last sleeve of Thin Mints from my freezer, that's some serious love!


LOVE GS cookies! Plan on buying some from the booth sales, when they start. Samoas are definitely my favorite. But I also really love the Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich cookies). I am one of the only people I know who doesn't like Thin Mints. They are okay, but I wouldn't choose them. I heard Crumbs had a Thin Mint cupcake. I was wondering how similar it is to the taste of their Grasshopper cupcake. Let us know if you try one!


Whoa, never heard of that. Def going to try it out! I just got my first Girl Scout's cookies last week and bought the Savannah Smiles. It's so good!!!


Claire Peucker

We don't have the whole girl scout cookie thing here in Australia but your special way of eating mint thins reminds me of our Tim Tam slam (I see someone else mentioned it above) You do the same thing as with the mint thins, except in a hot drink like coffee which melts the inside of the cookie. Delish! If you can get your hands on some tim tams it's definitely worth a try.

Neha Aboobaker

Samoas and Thin Mints are available at Target year round! The Keebler brand sells the Samoas labeled as "Coconut Dreams" and the Thin Mints as "Grasshopper Cookies" Enjoy!


This sounds so amazing. Can't wait to try it when the girl scout cookies my mom ordered come in!!