The BIG Lilly Pulitzer SALE!

Okay… guys. Remain calm. The HUGE Lilly Pulitzer sale starts tomorrow morning at 8am. Really, the best deals on Lilly Pulitzer items– this is their once-a-year big blow out sale.
The site almost always crashes and things sell out super fast. My tips for making the most of the sale:
1. Make an account today. Add your shipping information, your payment information, and all of that good stuff. It will make checking out super easy because things can literally sell out of your cart if you’re spending precious moments typing that stubborn credit card number.
2. Sign on early. Don’t wait until 7:59 to go to the site… get it up early and click the refresh button often as you near the 8am mark.
3. If you see something, buy it. Make multiple purchases versus adding everything into the cart because, again, things will sell out if you wait too long.
4. Don’t panic and don’t get worked up. Keep things in perspective…. it’s a sale. A great sale, yes. But it’s just clothes. The site will crash (it does every year). Something will sell out. Your favorite item might not be available in your size. It’s. Okay. Every year these things happen and it’s really embarrassing to see some people’s reactions on Twitter/Facebook. The Lilly team IS doing their best to make it a great sale– it’s in everybody’s best interests!
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Caroline J

I start school tomorrow, so I can't shop until later (when things will most likely be sold out)… so I'm having my mom shop for me — LOL!


Do you live in the Eastern time zone? I am lucky to live in Central, so I can buy some things at 7 before school heehee! But don't think that the sale is 8 am everywhere!

Audrey Lin

Ever since I was introduced to the prep style, I've noticed that Lilly Pulitzer amongst other preppy brands are super expensive, but also super gorgeous! Ah, what would I do without you and your hook-ups 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's