The Cary Collection

Today I had the pleasure of visiting The Cary Collection‘s showroom… which is actually Thomas Cary’s apartment. But it’s really not as much an apartment as it is showroom, as you’ll see. I was overwhelmed by the amount of collectibles, in an absolutely positive way. I was quite literally in awe at everything. And it would have taken hours, maybe even days, to really see every little piece!
This is the view when you walk in the front door!
Every nook and cranny is filled with vintage artwork, objects, and paraphernalia… all of which are for sale, for a price. There are needlepoint shoes tucked on shelves, college oars hung above book cases, and little figurines nestled into tiny homes. Oh, and of course, there are books. The vintage and rare books are what The Cary Collection is best known for.
(FYI, he just got in a huge shipment of never-worn Lilly Pulitzer men’s shorts and pants… still with tags! Would be such a unique gift for a guy in your life!)
After visiting the showroom, we hopped in a cab for a quick visit of his storage units. All. The Books. I couldn’t stop glancing at all the spines, pulling them out and flipping through the pages. All of the cover art is too cool. One of his biggest clients is… Kate Spade! But of course! You know I love a good book clutch. And now I totally know where the inspiration comes from. (The books in the stores are pulled from his collection by the visual arts team!)

Such a cool way to spend the afternoon! 

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Audrey Lin

Wait, so is this actually his own apartment! Otherwise I'd really like to make a trip down there, because I know I could spend hours scouring just the books themselves 😛 but if it's actually his own apartment that might be a little creepy haha. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's