In September, my sister in laws and niece went to The Claremont Hotel in Maine. It had been on their travel bucket list for a while and they said it more than lived up their expectations. When they arrived, they both immediately started texting me photos and videos of the property and interiors telling me that I had get up there to stay there because they knew I would love it.

And then, I ended up getting to squeeze in a last minute trip to Maine with ChappyWrap a couple of weeks ago to shoot some of their fall collection and (!!!) and upcoming collection I’ve been working with them on. The location? The Claremont Hotel. I was EXCITED.

Over the years, I’ve become a little bit pickier when it comes to hotels. Social media has made it hard to figure out which hotels are actually worth the hype. Sometimes properties look fantastic on Instagram and then you get there and it’s not the same. Well, I’m extremely happy to report that The Claremont Hotel is even BETTER in person. I was blown away. (I was a guest of ChappyWrap so my stay was taken care of, but I feel like I should note I have zero obligation to post about the hotel! I just feel very passionately about it that I need to scream it from the rooftops.)

The Claremont is, dare I say it, perfect. Located in Southwest Harbor, it’s about an hour or so from the Bangor airport and right on the water. You can take a taxi to explore nearby Bar Harbor, but I have to say, the Claremont has everything you need right there. I felt like it was the perfect escape!! It feels quite a bit like a 50s/60s family summer camp with croquet, a pool, waterfront activities, cozy cabanas, a big porch to take in views of the water….

When I tell you not a single detail was overlooked. The entire property is meticulously maintained and decorated in such a charming, picture perfect way. From designer fabrics and wallpaper to a signature scent that greets you everywhere you go, every detail is just perfect. I was particularly taken with the lampshades everywhere and a pair of velvet skirted sitting chairs in the bar. The food is delicious (get the fried chicken sandwich from Fish Camp). The staff is phenomenal.

There are houses, cottages, suites, and regular rooms to choose from so there’s kind of something for everyone. I could see it being enjoyed by families looking for a summer escape, couples trying to get away for a romantic weekend, or even friends for a girls’ trip. I want to go back with Mike and also maybe try to do our Needlepoint Camp 3.0 there.

Sharing some photos that our talented photographer Julia took because she captured the hotel so beautifully.

I don’t even know how one blog post could encapsulate everything The Claremont has to offer! I can’t wait to return though and I hope it inspired you to consider it for your next trip! (I am trying to see if they’d just let me move in a la Eloise 😉). It’s that good.

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Jason Jordan

I helped with the plumbing and hvac on the building during the last renovation. I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊

Michael Rayne

I have marveled at this old hotel for years. It needed a major makeover which made it a destination retreat. Unfortunately, it is priced so that only the rich can afford it. I will say it is beautifully restored and sits on a stunning location in Southwest Harbor.

Leighton Wass

Loved to see the Claremont again. My first job ever was at the Claremont in the 8th grade! I was a bell hop and ran the old clunky elevator. I am now 80. Thanks!