The Cutest Hourly Notepad

I’ve been really struggling to stay organized lately. The month leading up to our move to Connecticut was hectic and chaotic. It was right in the middle of back to school (big blog time!) and we had a trip out to Indiana. Then we moved and pretty much immediately hit the ground running with a week-long trip to Bonaire. I feel like I was barely keeping my head above the water work-wise. There was just so much to do and I was doing the best I could!
I’m relieved to have a little break in terms of travel (for now… oy.) and can finally really dig my heels back into my daily routine and schedule. While the actual tasks I do during the day vary, one thing remains the same: I love a good list. 
Writing down what I have to do not only keeps me organized and ensures I don’t forget something, it relieves some of my stress. Knowing what I have to do and when it will get done makes me feel confident and ready for the day.
Whitney, the creative behind Heart and Arrow, sent me one of these notepads (use code “CARLY” for 10%!) a while back and it remains a favorite of mine. I tend to keep my agenda-ing digital nowadays, but I still like writing down my tasks. Especially if I don’t have any meetings and need to get through a lot of desk work.
I also like how the notepad is flexible and you can use it for all kinds of days. You’re not limited by the text at all. You can use it to plan your weekends. You can use it every now and then without having weeks worth of blank pages (my biggest pet peeve about planners). You could even use it to plan and keep track of a trip’s itinerary!
Heart and Arrow also has the ever-amazing blog planner notepad! 

Thank you Heart and Arrow for sponsoring this post!


PS Don’t forget to use “CARLY” for 10% off at checkout!

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Alyson Cruse

That is so cute! I wish I had an excuse to get it, but I put everything in my planner anyways. It does look like a great to tool to help keep organized!
XO Alyson |


Need this in my life! Before, when I think about creating an hourly schedule, I would already start to feel restricted with my movements throughout the day. But then I realized, it really does help in being organized and productive on really hectic days.