The First Warm Day

I had another post scheduled for today, but I couldn’t help but share photos from yesterday. It was the first legitimately warm day. I think the temperature peeked at 80 and not a minute too soon. I’ve been feeling very down in general, a lingering funk that I just couldn’t snap out of. There are definitely a handful of reasons that were collectively making me feel this way… New York City was right up there on the list.
It’s easy to romanticize the city, but the reality is that it’s a tough place to live and it’s a tough place to work. When you live and work here, it seems like cards are always stacked against you! The train pulls away right as you’re swiping your Metrocard and you end up being late for a meeting. (Or the trains are just, like, not running.) It takes 45 minutes to travel two miles. The competition is fierce and the living is just plain expensive. Add in a very long winter followed by grey, chilly days and it’s enough to drive a person crazy. In fact… I felt like I was going crazy.
And just when you think you’re hitting your breaking point with the city, it’s 80 degrees and sunny. Everyone is outside. Smiles are all around. 
Garrett and I took Teddy straight to the dog park today. It was packed in the best way! It’s better than therapy to just watch pups running around like crazy. Once Teddy was thoroughly exhausted, we brought him back to the apartment and set off for an afternoon in Central Park.
Shorts and tank tops and blankets were rounded up… and then we set off to gather some provisions for a picnic and headed over to the park. (Just in case you’re wondering, living on the Upper East Side may be the most inconvenient location 95% of the time, but being four blocks away from the park is THE best perk.)

Bahaha! We were not the only ones with this idea. This picture doesn’t even do the crowd justice. It was packed. Just walking into the entrance felt like Disney World. Swarms of people… Normally crowds in the city is something I avoid like the plague, but this was pretty fun! It felt like we all made it– we survived the winter!

It took a while to find a good spot and then we just parked ourselves for an afternoon of lounging and eating. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this relaxed in NYC.
The only non-relaxing part was losing to Garrett in a heated game of checkers. Ha ha!
Yes, a nice, warm day was just what the doctor ordered. 
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Has anyone else had a day that they needed like this???
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Oh goodness! We just had a really nice day on Friday and I absolutely loved it. We've had a couple nice days so far, but we had just gotten through a couple days of super strong winds (almost pushing my car off the road wind), so when it was a nice enough temperature (15 degrees Celsius) and there wasn't much more than a soft breeze here and there it was just too perfect! The sky was bright and blue and the sun was glorious. I wandered over to a park right by my house and read on a park bench. Such a lovely day, and I had really been needing it!

Sweet Spontaneity

Audrey Lin

We've had perfect weather here in Philly for the past week except for one rainy day! I should be really stressed out right now because the school year is coming to an end, which means assignments and assessments are stacking up, but this beautiful weather has put me in a state of euphoria, and all I want to do is go out into the city, which I have been doing, but at the expense of time for academics. Yet somehow I'm still not stressing out. Although the fact that I'm not stressed out kinda stresses me out haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


That looks like so much fun! My favorite time is when everyone on my college campus comes outside and you can see people studying and playing Frisbee on every inch of grass. It definitely brings people together and you realize just how connected and close large places can actually be!

Annie N Belle

Alyson Cruse

Oh my gosh it's so pretty! It's been raining so much where I live so hopefully we'll get a sunny day like you!
Alyson |

Stacey Peery

I think there is supposed to be a link for a similar tote for the Lilly for Target tote. It's not showing up for me at least. I was just wondering what it is since all the Lilly for Target items are sold out. Thanks!

Cynthia Hoyt

I love when the weather warms up! I've never actually been to NYC in the spring, but I bet it's lovely! I've only been in August when the temps are high and the humidity is exhausting.

Ah darn, I love your #LillyForTarget stuff! I wish I had picked up the pink blanket, but I got the white one instead. Here's hoping it stays clean with summer picnics!

I wrote a great satire on my experience (that so many other girls had) shopping the lilly for target collab. It was the strangest experience of my life! I think you'll get a riot of it! Check it out!

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