The Five Shorts You Need

I wore a pair of ballet flats the other day and it started spontaneously flurrying. The weather forecast has not really been the most accurate lately. I check it the first thing in the morning and find it so frustrating when it says it will rain and it doesn’t. Or flurries when I’m wearing ballet flats. Eep!
I was joking the other day about how I need to start doing crunches every morning for bikini season (although it still seems super far away). And then I realized that I have more pressing issues, like how pale I am. I am all for embracing the skin you’re in, but my legs have not seen the light of day in way too long. At least when I was in Florida during high school, I would have tan legs (albeit white feet) from coxing three hours a day.
But those days are long gone.
Even still, I’m looking forward to wearing shorts. I wear shorts with polos, t-shirts, button ups, chambray tops… whatever. Shorts basically signify warmer weather and with that, I’m dedicating this post to shorts. Apparently blog posts like these are, like, the modern day rain dance of sorts.
So these are the five shorts that you really only need. I have accumulated a collection of them over the years and find that they can really carry you throughout every day of warm weather. 
Critter Shorts | J. Crew and Old Navy have great options this year. I love the sailboats, anchors, seahorses, more anchors, and more sailboats. Oh so fun!
Chino Shorts | You absolutely cannot go wrong with a plain pair of chinos. I think these shorts are great to throw on over bathing suits and even dressed up with wedges and a nice shirt. I believe that you could honestly have one pair and figure out forty different ways to wear them. I prefer the three inch shorts, but I also like the five inches (cuffed!).
Nautical Buttons | I have one pair from Vineyard Vines and they’re fun for tucking in basic t-shirts. Classic shorts with a little something extra. Nautical shorts = Summer.
Denim Shorts | When I think of denim shorts, I often think of the shorts we wore back in middle school. Not cute. But, the longer shorts and cuffed ends are great for days in the park and over bathing suits at the beach.
Relaxed Shorts | And then you need those shorts that are just throw on and go. Perfectly paired with favorite sweatshirts for lazy nights and borrowed button downs for lazy mornings.
What are your favorite shorts? Are you ready for shorts weather?

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Jessie Springer

I live in j.crew 3" shorts during the summer! Last summer I also bought a pair of scalloped Lilly Pulitzer shorts and they might have turned into my new favorites! 🙂



I agree with Jessie, Chino shorts are totally comfortable and the best. I just ordered a pink and mint pair from J Crew and I am eager for them arrive (sometimes online shopping totally sucks). I am dying for a pair of scalloped shorts but I can't seem to find any cute ones ):

Vina Smith

I used to only wear denim shorts, but last summer I wore colorful pairs of chino, nautical, and relaxed shorts everywhere!! I do still need to invest in a few more cute pairs of critter shorts for this season though.. If only the warm weather would come sooner.


Kristie C.

I love J. Crew chino shorts, especially the 3' inseam type. They are so comfortable. Just bought a few this past week to remind me that summer is getting closer!


I'm dying for shorts weather. Lilly Pulitzer has some of the cutest seersucker shorts right now and I'm desperate for warmer weather so I can wear them!

I swear by J. Crew's chino shorts, Lilly's shorts and Gap surprisingly has great denim shorts. Those nautical shorts you picked are adorable!

Allie Emme

I can definitely relate to having super pale legs, but L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning lotion always does the trick 🙂
xx Allie


Oh man. I want them all. I'm drooling over those nautical shorts, especially! I'm visiting my boyfriend in San Diego this spring break, and dreams of colorful shorts and sandals are dancing in my head.

Stacey Essel

I just bought the seahorses shorts from old navy today, and I have a pair of purple J.Crew Chinos and I got last summer and I wear them all the time!

Katie McC

I agree! These 5 shorts are all you need. My favorite ones are from J.Crew. I have super cute coral ones from last summer, and I can't wait to invest in new ones for summer. I just need to find the perfect jean short and I will be all set.


Fortunately I have plenty of each. I LOVE this post. I love shorts, and love living in a warm climate. Although it is not quite shorts weather, it is a matter of weeks here. So excited! I definitely get all my shorts at J. Crew, from Chino to Denim. Love them all!


I am addicted to my chino shorts from J. Crew…speaking of J. Crew, everyone hurry over there-20% off shorts & tees right now!!

Brittany Lauren

Is it summer yet?? 🙂 Great list. The sailboat shorts are way too cute. I also love the ones with the anchors from J.Crew. I still haven't found a good denim pair just yet.

Alyson Shields

I can't WAIT for spring/summer! I love my J Crew 5" chinos and my Lilly Callahans. I love the 5" inseam – I love that I feel like I can sit down without having to wiggle my shorts down! If I want them shorter I can always roll them up too 🙂

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