The Ice Twins

Whooooooa. I just finished The Ice Twins and I have to say that it was one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a while. It was literally a can’t-put-it-down kind of book. (I think I read it in a total of three sittings.)
I had heard it was “creepy” and it really was. Sometimes with books like that I feel like I figure out the hook really early on and wind up disappointed by how cliche and predictable it was. But, even though I thought I knew where the book was going, I kept changing my theories every fifty pages or so. And was wrong every time.
The book is about a family recovering from tragically losing one of the identical twin daughters. They uproot their life and move to an abandoned, dangerous Scottish island to rebuild and establish a new normal… but nothing is normal about life on the island!
There was one night that I was reading it and was terrified to be in my apartment alone. Way too creepy… in a good way, of course! I’m hoping someone picks up the movie rights for this book because I think it’d be a great on the big screen. I loved the description of the island and, despite the eeriness, I was ready to hop on the next plane to Scotland to find myself an abandoned island to restore.
If you’re looking for a super quick, super captivating read you must pick up a copy of The Ice Twins. You should also convince a friend to read it at the same time as you so you all can discuss in detail. 
Have you read this book? Any similar creepy recommendations?
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Abby Ingwersen

Ooh, this book sounds amazing! I WILL be checking it out. Gah, my list of 'books-to-read' just keeps getting longer and longer… so many books; so little time! <3

Mallory Belknap

Try "You" by Caroline Kepnes! It is insanely creepy in can't-put-it-down kind of way also!! I can't wait to read this book, thanks for the recommendation!!

Jessica Wakefield

Carly, thank you for short review. I think I will read it too. I am sure "The Ice Twins" will get to my collection of great books. I think reading is the best way to improve creative thinking. Sometimes I use to proofread my essays, this helps me to save time for reading, by the way I have just finished "Shantaram", recommend you to try.

Morgan Vann

Thank you for sharing – I think that this might be my next book. I just finished "Gone Girl" (I know, it's a sin that it's taken me so long to finally read it!!), but I loved it and have been craving another "can't put down" book.

I've never really been into the mystery genre (I scare easily), but I'm coming around!


Audrey Lin

This reminds me of the novel Identical by Ellen Hopkins. There's a huge twist at the end of Identical. And that's all I'm gonna say about that 😉 The Ice Twins is really intriguing! I love how unpredictable and original psychological thrillers are, or maybe I just think this genre is unpredictable/original because I don't read it often. I would read more of it, but I get really freaked out by psychological stuff. No psychological thrillers or horror films for me. Books I can handle a little better. I can already see the sleepless nights I'll be having reading this book and after reading this book 😛 The curiosity is so strong! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's