The J. Crew Painter Tee

I take pretty great care of my clothes. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t make a t-shirt last more than a few months. I tend to overwear t-shirts (they’re my warm-weather go-to!) so they get tons of washings. And honestly, after a few months they just don’t look great. Because of this, I tend to buy shirts from Old Navy just to restock every season.
I love the Old Navy shirts, but they’re a little big and don’t have the best shape. (They’re actually super great with running shorts!) I’m always on the hunt for good t-shirts that will stand up to quite a few washings, have a great fit, and are flattering.
The J. Crew Painter Tee is amazing. I bought the grey one on a whim to wear in Dallas and I’m seriously considering going back and buying one in every color. (J. Crew is having a 25% off sale when you use the code “SPRINGBEST” at checkout… perfect time for some online shopping!)
The sleeves on the shirt were a real selling point for me. I hate baggy sleeves. It drives me insane actually. And I like a little more coverage, but I obviously don’t want a long-sleeved shirt in the middle of the summer. Such a happy medium here!
This is an Instagram from Tuckernuck of Mackenzie and me at the conference. I wore the shirt with the Linen City Mini Skirt, loafers, and the navy Eadie purse.
What’s your go-to tee? Have you tried the painter tee?

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I bought my first painter tee when J. Crew opened here in the summer and it's one of the best basic styles I've found. It holds it's shape beautifully and can be worn with so many different pieces.


Stephanie Bartolomé

I've been buying all my tees at J.Crew since I mustered up the courage to walk (read: sashay) into a J.Crew store a few years ago. Like Jessie said, the linen tees are a-ma-zing.

I love how you styled them. Blue and red are quite possibly the best basic colors ever.