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Admittedly, I’m not the trendiest person. I wear what I like, even if it means wearing variations of the same things over and over again, which I am very much guilty of doing. It’s not that I don’t appreciate trends though; for the most part, I do. I look enviously at girls who can pull off just about anything in such an effortless, “cool girl” way.

But I look at trends and sometimes just don’t get them (like the crazy “throwback” sneakers I’m seeing everywhere) and other times I just don’t believe I can pull them off… at all.

West Village Flowers

Enter ~the jeans~.

My family came to visit me when I was still living in Connecticut last December. Our trips are always pretty low key and involve just being together, usually with zero plans whatsoever. This one was a little different as they were meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time, I bought tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway, and my sister requested a trip to the Brandy Melville store (haha). I kind of knew about Brandy Melville only because I have an absolute fascination with Musers (if you know, you know) and can’t stop watching their Youtube channels because it’s so…. crazy. They wear a lot of Brandy Melville.

We popped into the store after breakfast and my sister picked out a few things and more or less forced me to try ~the jeans~ on. Nothing about these jeans seemed like me from the mom cut to the frayed hem. But somehow, I kind of liked them. My sister and my mom’s opinions also mattered to me and between the three of us, with some extra heavy coaxing from my sister, I did it.

For five long months, the jeans would sit in my closet with the tags still on. At one point, I considered what the return policy was and if I could get away with a return so long after the sale. My sister would touch base every once and a while and ask if I had pulled the trigger yet.

Two big things kept me from wearing them. The first was shoe options. The jeans are different than what I’m used to so I wasn’t sure what shoes would even work. I had tried them on at the store wearing a pair of boots my sister lent me, but I didn’t have something comparable. Every once in a while, I’d put the jeans on and try on various shoes. Nothing seemed to work and I’d give up for the day and the jeans would return to my closet, tags still affixed. Finally, I tried them on with sandals and thought, okay this could work. But spring was months away and I’d kind of be dressing like someone who wasn’t totally “me.”

The second thing was that I just didn’t feel confident enough to wear them. They’re so outside of my comfort zone and I know I was holding myself back from trying something new.

When I bought these shoes, that is when everything started to click for me. I a) had a pair of shoes that actually worked with the jeans and b) still felt like I was being true to myself in the process.

I texted my sister, got her stamp of approval on the outfit, and (bam!) I was wearing the jeans. The funny thing is that I had been so concerned about feeling self-conscious and yet when I was actually wearing them for real, I felt a boost of confidence!

I don’t see myself jumping on every bandwagon that pulls around the corner, but now I know I can be a little more openminded about trends.


I’ve been so into tying scarves around my neck. I tend to get a few DMs whenever I do an Insta Story with one on about how to tie it. I did a Youtube video with my “method” (it’s super easy) plus a few ways I like to accessorize with scarves.

Brandy Melville

Carly Heitlinger  Embracing Trends

Neely and Chloe

This is, without a doubt, going to be my bag of the summer. It’s a little smaller than I’d typically go for (unless it’s an ebook on my phone, a book will sadly not fit inside), but oh do I love it with its perfect little shape. Do not be surprised when I end up posting it in just about every single outfit post from now until Labor Day.

Carly the Prepster

Scarf* // Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Bag (c/o, also available here) // Similar Bracelet // Similar Cuff

  • * Same print, but that one is a little bigger I believe… I bought mine last year!

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LOVE them! But Brandy Melville is only one size fits all, any thoughts on what the size is and how it will fit different bodies? Thanks!


It’s kind of a “forgiving” fit, but I would recommend trying it on in stores if you can!


I think those jeans look great on you! I’m so used to only my favorite skinny jeans, and my ripped jeans for an extra “flair” but you inspired me to at least go out and try a new style! I’m loving the looser “mom” style jeans! Great outfit 🙂

Angela | Cue the Coffee


Carly, I’m so glad you decided to step out of your comfort zone a bit! We should never limit ourselves with ideas of what we can or cannot pull. Fashion is about having fun! I’d love to see you experiment even more and push your boundaries. 🙂

grace atwood

carly i love these on you! i have a similar pair and wear them constantly. it’s funny, i felt the same when i bought my first looser/frayed/mom-ish pair but now that i’m used to them i can’t stop wearing them!


1. You look fantastic!!
2. Love seeing you in the West Village! 🙂


Those jeans look great on you! I love it when the right shoe can pull an outfit together. Tres chic!


I think you look great! I also am afraid of trends but you’re giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. I’m good at that with other things… why not clothes too??

Question about your Hermes bangle. It’s so beautiful, but how does it drive you crazy sliding up and down your wrist all the time? I would love one of my own and am about your size, but struggle with structured bracelets so much since they move constantly and drive me crazy when I type. Any tips?


I totally relate to being hesitant to try new trends. I often feel self-conscious and unsure when I wear something that I love on other people but don’t feel like mesh with my normal style. However, when you find something trendy that you look and feel great in it is SO exciting. You look amazing in the jeans and I’m loving how you incorporated them into an outfit that is still classic “Carly.”


Those are definitely tough jeans to wear, but I think they look great on you! I personally don’t like the fringe, but I do think you pull them off. The fit is good too! However, I could definitely not wear these! Haha!

Eva |


Love these jeans on you! I’ve been wondering if you’d maybe go for the wide leg crop, these are a bit similar and fit your style nicely. Also, thanks for that scarf tie tutorial, totally used it to wear my Italian silk last weekend, oh la la!


Carly I LOVE these jeans on you! They look great! Even if they veer from your “usual” style, they are so cute!! I am completely on the same page and tend to wear the classics and stick to my comfort zone, to a fault, and I’ve been really trying to branch out. Love this!

Julia Dzafic

Loving the mom jeans on you!!! Even though I’m a mom, I feel like I can’t pull them off but you MAY have just changed my mind xx

Elizabeth Spencer

I am brand new to your Blog, Youtube Channel, and Instagram. That being said, I’ve looked through a number of your post on every outlet and love all of the content.
I am working on starting a Blog myself and you’ve proven to me that Blogs can be successful even if you have a number of interest and want to talk about all of them. I love that you share about cooking, reading, and fashion. Those are among my favorite things in life.
I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read/listened to thus far, and I cannot wait to delve a little deeper.

Melissa Faye

No lie, I wore those neck scarves (neckerchief?) in high school and everyone thought I was an idiot! I’m SO GLAD to see them back in style and on someone who knows style to begin with. You’ve affirmed my high school self! Thank you ☺️