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I don’t have a decorator’s bone in my entire body. I’m terrible at it. I can look at a photo and tell you if I like or don’t like it… but as far as putting something together? Nope. If I were left in charge of decorating, I’d be living in an empty apartment frozen with indecision and stress. 
The Havenly team offered a complimentary design for our living room when Garrett and I finalized our Connecticut apartment plans. Shelby, one of the Havenly designers, helped me out with my NYC living room and she helped me out again this time around. 
 Although it was a little overwhelming to start from scratch, it was fun having a blank slate to work with. And Shelby did a great job taking my bits of direction (coastal, not beachy; grown up, not stuffy; no pink and no man cave) and coming up with something that was equally inviting and grown up.
I didn’t want something that felt too… Much. Pinterest is great for inspiration and I’m sure it’d get more likes on Instagram, but I really wanted something functional. The living room is where we spend most of our time together. Reading on the weekends. Drinking morning coffee and watching the news. Playing with Teddy. Visiting with friends. Movie nights on the weekends. I was way more interested in having a space that felt comfortable to do that more so than a room that just looked great.
I think we found the perfect balance here though. It’s really us and whenever I walk into the apartment I can’t help but smile. 
We have great windows that bring in tons of natural light. I love how bright the furniture is. Especially now that the sun is going down earlier and earlier, it’s extra nice having a bright space. 
The living room still needs some more personal and “final” touches for sure. It took so long to get all the major pieces together though. Sheesh! Not fun waiting for furniture deliveries, but worth it in the end. A lamp is backordered for another month and we need to get something to liven up that wall. Then we need some photos and window treatments. I’m trying to be patient and not rushing the whole room.
The couch was the biggest decision about the whole room. I loved my old pink couch but it was incredibly small and definitely not gender-neutral. This couch is my favorite piece in the entire apartment! It’s incredibly deep so I can sit cross legged without a problem. It’s super long so even Garrett (who’s quite tall!) can stretch out comfortably. It’s almost too comfortable…. I never want to sit anywhere else. I was worried about the white, but I used this and we haven’t run into any issues yet!
When this chair arrived, Teddy more or less claimed it as his own! He’s always on it!
If you’re interested in Havenly’s services, they now offer two options: a full design and a mini makeover! Use “PREP20” for a 20% off your service. 

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Audrey Lin

Haha I'm the same. I'm satisfied enough with my graphic design abilities, but I can't get from the 2D to the 3D. This room looks so great! Did you have to throw away your pink couch, or did you manage to find your own space in the house to put it? I feel like it's such a nice pop of personality 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Prep Essentials

I was really hesitant to get a white couch as well, but I used a similar product and so far (somehow) we haven't had any accidents yet! I'm curious what you ended up doing with the pink couch as well! Loving watching these updates on the new place, it looks great!
xoxo -Olivia | Prep Essentials


Decorating a house is such a huge job, but it looks like it is coming along well. Just take your time and don't be afraid to return things that don't work the way you imagined. It will get there
Dresses & Denim