The Mini Bar by Pinch Provisions

I’m incredibly excited to about the launch of The Mini Bar by Pinch Provisions. The Minimergency kits are an absolute favorite of mine. The teeny tiny pouches contain everything you might possibly need in a pinch from dental floss to double sided tape.
I tuck them everywhere… in handbags, suitcases, and even in the glove compartment of my car. They come in handy when you least expect them. And you can always be the hero when a friend unexpectedly needs a needle and thread.
The Mini Bar makes the Minimergency even better by allowing you to customize your kit. You pick one of the many colors/prints for the pouch and (!!!) a cute zipper pull. I teamed up with Pinch Provisions to come up with four of the zipper charms. I decided to go with some of my favorite things: eyeglasses, anchors, whales, and (duh) pineapples. Guys, I’m in love. They turned out even cuter than I imagined they would!
I can’t even pick a favorite.
Now, I love these little pouches for myself, but they make the BEST gifts. I literally have a cabinet full of them so I always have hostess gifts and little presents on hand. I don’t even wrap them; I just tie a big bow on top and add a note!
Customize your own Pinch Provisions Minimergency kit here! Don’t forget to look for the College Prepster charms to complete your pouch!

Thank you Pinch Provisions for sponsoring this post!

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Laura Cronin

Omg what a cute little project! I love that you can customize them now, I've never bought one (even though I've been tempted in the Sephora line) because I never wanted everything they came with, but these are so cute!

Laura Aime Vous