The Royal We

The stack of books on my nightstand has been growing! I’ve basically resigned to the fact that unless I’m on a legit vacation or stuck on a plane with no Wifi, I’m not going to get a ton of reading done. 20 pages here and there is all I can muster for now. (There are some nights where I read and reread the same paragraph four times before completely falling asleep.)
The authors of The Royal We sent me a copy of the book about a month ago. I’ll be very honest with you here, I put it to the top of my reading solely because I thought the cover was perfect. (I mean, it’s adorable, right?)
Anyway, I’m not super into the whole Princess/Prince/royal thing. I couldn’t be bothered when the royal wedding went on and while I think Prince George is terribly cute, I don’t follow along. The Royal We is kind of like a fan fiction novel about Kate Middleton if Kate Middleton had been an American. 
With that said, I didn’t have high expectations for liking the book… but I ended up LOVING it. Even though it’s pretty long and there are chunks that felt “missing” (the book skips years at a time), I was captivated by the story. You can’t help fall in love with the characters and root for the relationship over time. 

I imagine it would be an especially great read for anglophiles! Even if you’re not though, add The Royal We to your reading list if you just want a fun, light, pretty funny love story.

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skyscrapers + palm trees

Yes yes yes! Because of your instagram photo a while back with it wrapped with a bow, I knew I had to read it so I waited for a while from the library and I am so so glad that they sent it to you because I would have missed such an ADORABLE book. They were such a realistic (most dramatic haha) couple.

skyscrapers & palm trees

Megan Alexander

I'm the same way, I have nights where I can't focus long enough to actually get absorbed into the book! I'm for sure putting this on the top of my amazon book list!