The Sweater Blazer AGAIN

I wondered if the sweater blazer situation was going to be a passing fad, but I’m happy to report that I’m still in love with it. It’s one of those miracle wardrobe staples that works in countless ways. I keep figuring out new ways to style it. I even wore it for our Christmas card photo over a plaid shirt! When you choose to immortalize it in a Christmas card, you know it’s good.

Carly the Prepster

The sweater blazer comes in a handful of colors. The camel was definitely the right choice for me and I find it to be the most versatile for the types of clothes I wear. But I do love the navy and black too as great basics.

My only real “issue” with it is that I have noticed a bit of pilling on the body of the sweater. Basically where my sleeve rubs against my torso. I use an electric fabric defuzzer though on the pilly spots every five or so wears and it looks good as new again.

I also like that the sleeves aren’t quite full length, as it lets whatever shirt you’re layering pop out a bit.

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I love this look, Carly! I hope the sweater blazer trend doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. I’ve loved wearing mine-it’s so versatile and warm for the Winter!


When you say that the sweater blazer “works in countless ways”, what do you mean by that? While comfortable and casual, the sweater blazer doesn’t look at all professional. I can’t imagine wearing this to an office or work event.


I wear mine at least once a week to work during the colder months, but I do work in a more casual business-casual office. I’ll wear it over a dress during chillier spring mornings.


Sam – I disagree I think the sweater blazer brings a heightened level of professionalism to a business-casual environment, but could also work in more formal settings with the right coordinating pieces (example all black like Carly has here). I imagine she meant both work life and home life when she said “countless ways”, at least that’s how I took it. I’ve found the older I get the more I need clothes I can wear to both work and non-work, its hard to justify a piece when it only works for one of those scenarios! Also, Carly I really like your bun in these photos I think it looks great


I’m an attorney in big law. On any given day at least three women on my floor are wearing this sweater blazer. I wouldn’t wear it in court obviously but you can absolutely wear this to the office. Maybe pair it with a sheath dress if your office is more formal?


Love it! You look very chic.
Would you mind letting us know which size you wear for reference? As I’m unable to get to a store to try one on where I live.


I wear my sweater blazer all the time, too! I would say definitely not a trend, but something every one NEEDS in their closet! I love mine so much, I sometimes reach for it in the morning to wear over my PJs for a cozy-chic morning, lol. It sounds more boujee than it is! Love the way you styled it here, and have a fantastic tuesday, Carly! 🙂



I love my sweater blazer! After you featured it I stalked it for months until finally biting the bullet. I wear it to work and also love it with my Spanx leather leggings and heels for a night out! It feels cozy in the office without looking like a total bum. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it – thanks for highlighting it!


The sweater blazer is such a great piece! I can see how it would be versatile for a lot of different occasions and transition well from work life to home life. Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn •