The Sweater Blazer

When I wore the sweater blazer last on my blog, I got a lot of emails and DMs about more ways to style it. To be honest, it’s usually something I throw on over whatever I’m wearing (usually something simple), but it’s a great piece to have no matter what. I love that it’s comfortable but still structured. A step up from a casual sweatshirt but not as fussy as a true blazer.

Don’t take my word for it though, it has a nearly perfect 5-star rating of other customer reviews.

Sweater Blazer 2 Ways

The left is how I styled it a couple of weeks ago. Polished, but pretty casual still considering the jeans. This time around, I dressed it up slightly for a relaxed work look.

(To be honest, I would have worn the other one to my old office but people showed up in yoga pants and hoodies every day 🤷🏻‍♀️ I get nervous even saying the word “work,” because work appropriate is different for every industry and every city has its own social norms of what “counts” and what doesn’t. Just felt like I had to throw that in there in case my outfit isn’t work appropriate for your particular office.)

How to Style a Sweater Blazer

I did a sponsored Instagram for Stitch Fix and got to experience first hand the personal styling service. These black Theory pants were part of the Fix and, the second I put them on, I wondered why I hadn’t gotten them sooner. As much as I love my J. Crew black pants, these are Quality with a capital Q. If you’re on a budget, J. Crew totally gets the job done, but if you can invest, I can’t recommend these pants more!

J. Crew Sweater Blazer  Carly Heitlinger

I added some fun earrings so the outfit wouldn’t be a complete bore!

Work Accessories

Carly the Prepster

Sweater Blazer // Cami // Pants // Shoes // Heels // Tote // Earrings (c/o)

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I looooove the sweater blazer. I’ve worn almost your exact outfit to work multiple times in the past few months. I got the camel color sweater blazer on a whim as a comfy but still somewhat structured layer to wear on flights to and from Europe back in August, and I loved it so much that I’ve since bought the navy, black, and gray as well. They’re so easy to wear and sooo comfortable. I’ve been eyeing the ivory color that came out recently, it would be perfect with navy pants in the spring!

Amanda Gnaedig

You are such a natural beauty! I love following your blog, the outfits you post, but mostly your ‘real’ talk. Thank you for being vulnerable with your readers. 🙂 Love from Texas.

Shannon Mahaney

I love the color of that sweater blazer! I used to have a black one in college that I would wear to networking events. Back before my actual blazer-owning days!


I am obsessed with this look! Pretty bummed that it is still out of my price range. Would love to see if you find any dupes of it. That is something I would probably wear TOO much to work! Hahah, thanks for always being a style and personal inspiration!


After seeing your initial sweater blazer post, I ordered a gray one from J.Crew when I saw them go on sale. I haven’t gotten it yet so I don’t know how I like it, but I’d love to see how you pair your sweater blazer with a dress for a night out or for a casual daytime outfit.


I’ve seen SO many people wear this “sweater blazer” in the blog world! I’m not a cardigan girl at all but I do LOVE this version and could deff see myself wearing it more than the cardigans collecting dust in my closet. Yes to casual workwear and every place being sooo different ha.