The Tartan Window Is Closing

Call me dramatic, but the window on tartan is closing! Once Christmas hits, I really believe most tartans should be “retired” until the following season. It’s such a short window where I think tartan, especially extra Christmas-y ones with red, work.

And that window is closing! Time to get on it if you want to capitalize on all things tartan.

Tartan Blankets

These monogrammed tartan blankets are my favorite tartan purchase this year– they’re so cozy.

Some A Few Favorites



Love the tartan apparel and home goods selections you’ve rounded up, but I have to disagree with the time frame! Tartan is especially appropriate and festive through January 25th, known as Burn’s night! Celebrating the life and work of Scotland’s national bard (poet), Burn’s night is a feast of revelry. There are celebrations all over and it can be a very fun night 🙂 I keep the tartan out in January in anticipation.


Oh! I’ve gone to a burn’s supper in Scotland and it was so cool!


Fortunately the Christmas season officially runs for a month and two days more 😅 can not wait to go crazy with all the tartan until then. These picks are adorable!


As someone who wore blackwatch plaid five days a week for six years, I have to speak up for my favorite tartan and say that I think it is actually quite practical for much of the year 🙂 But I can’t promise that you won’t get funny looks (unless paired with a white button down and Dr. Martens, of course…).

Brittany Higdon

Disagree. As someone OBSESSED with all things Scotland, true tartans tell family stories and are appropriate any time the weather is cold 😉


I love tartan and tend to wear it throughout the year, but I do “retire” my Christmas-looking prints after December.


Think of tartan as a winter as a winter print and get a little more wear/use out of it!!


I can’t believe you posted a poll asking what you should buy yourself. Bless your heart.


You can wear tartan all year round? I have a Scottish surname and tartan….


As someone who celebrates their Scottish American heritage, I respectfully disagree. We wear our tartan proudly all year. Not just for the holiday season. Groundbreaking!

Courtney Murray

Alexa, same here! My tartan blanket is used year round and I wear my tartan patterns the entire winter through. Must definitely be a Scottish-American thing 🙂


I like the round-up of products you featured! However, respectfully disagree about the “tartan window” closing, which is a big part of my culture and heritage.

Katie McCarty

Totally agree!! This is why I don’t normally buy Tartan. By the time I can wear it in Florida, that season is longgggg gone. Or at least for the prints I’m super drawn to! I always love seeing the print on you. Totally Carly and super festive!

Katie | http://www.sunshinestyleblog.com

Courtney Murray

Katie, as a New Englander I can totally see that. I wear Tartan the entire snowy season, but I would feel odd wearing it after Christmas if the weather up here was warm and sunny. Happy holidays!

Jules Buono

I truly wish tartan season would last longer, but I agree it must be retired for the most part after Christmas. I’ll still wear my black watch scarf afterward though. 🙂 That pottery barn is my absolute fave. I didn’t buy it last Chrsitmas and regretted it so much I ended up paying a ridiculous price on eBay for it, but it’s still my go to!


As a Canadian living in Northern Ontario (lots of snow) I wear plaid outdoor scarves etc. until the end of Feb. Loved your blackwatch feature.

Courtney Murray

I love tartan! I do believe that red tartan is Christmasy, but I don’t retire it after the holidays. For me, Tartan is a winter pattern and I wear it through the entire snowy season. -Perhaps because I’m Scottish. I’m very partial to my Murray clan tartan <3

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