Three Documentaries to Watch

I know I just did a post about three documentaries to watch, but I’m back with more. I’ve been on a documentary roll apparently, and I’m not mad about it.


I watched this on a whim one night when Mike was out of town. I pulled it up on my phone thinking I’d fall asleep with it playing in the background. But I was hooked and ended up watching the entire thing and was downright sobbing by the end. This documentary is based on Andrew Solomon’s book by the same name, Far From the Tree. It’s really about parents and children. Expectations, identity, individuality. I wasn’t expecting such an emotional response but wow, it’s phenomenal.

The documentary follows various families with children who have differences from the parents. Each family’s story seemed to hit me harder than the last. Ultimately despite the differences (whatever they might be), the one common thread is love.


I just watched this this weekend while I worked on a Needlepoint project. The Pharmacist is a documentary series following a dad’s quest to tackle the opioid crisis in his New Orleans parish in the wake of his son’s death. The series is very well done and you really grieve with him and root for him. Just when you think he’s gotten somewhere, something else pops up that derails the momentum a little bit. But he is relentless in his fight. It’s very inspiring and he was definitely one of the first people raising the red flags about the opioid epidemic.


Definitely one of the most buzzed about new releases on Netflix, and for good reason. I’ve been a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music since she first made it. I love when she releases new albums because I feel like they always touch on something I’m also going through in my life. (Which I know is how many people feel, hence her songs’ popularity!)

I thought her decision to make this documentary now was brilliant for her career. As she enters her 30s (hi, same!), she is very clearly making a choice to put forth a specific image. Having started my blog as a teenager and spent a decade plus of my life documenting it online, I feel like I do understand where she’s coming from. And I REALLY applaud her for the messages she chose for this. It was inspiring.

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I can’t agree more with Miss Americana. I’m not a die-hard Taylor fan like a lot of people, but it helped me humanize her, understand where her music was coming from, and respect her. You learn that she actually is quite a distance from the norm. The last bit that I LOVED that she covered was issues of isolation. I think so many of us (myself included) can feel that way.

chevrons & éclairs


I absolutely agree. I thought the parts on isolation really resonated with me. I can definitely say I felt and experienced that in my late 20’s, as it was before I met my husband and was dealing with some scary health issues with both of my parents.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Thank you! I can’t wait to pick up my needlepoint project (a super cute belt!) and watch “The Pharmacist”.


Great finds! and I didn’t know you like TS! I loved the documentary too, there was so much more to her than what we normally see and I’m here for it! Also, you should check out Be There In Five’s podcast where she delivers a thorough breakdown of it!


I love documentaries!! I started the Pharmacist thinking I wouldn’t like it but I was so wrong!


As a new mom, I’ll watch anything parenting related! Ha!

I went back and forth about watching the Taylor Swift documentary because I don’t particularly like her but man, oh man, this documentary sucked me in and I haven’t stopped listening to her music since I watched it. She’s good, man.


If you’re into documentaries I would also REALLY recommend watching “Ask Dr Ruth” on Hulu. It follows her life story from childhood as a Holocaust survivor & how she made her career in NY. It’s incredible!


I saw your recommendation for Far From the Tree on Instagram not too long ago. I watched it and loved it. Definitely was sobbing by the end. My heart went out to each story. It was very well done. I’ll have to check out the other two documentaries!

Biby Chacon

I loved Far from the Tree and have a different opinion on the TS doc. I’ve always liked her music, from her years in country to now, but I didn’t feel like it was her sharing her “true self”. I don’t love Katy Perry but she did a great one a few years back and I felt real emotion there. These are just my own opinions.

I’ve heard the Pharmacist is good. That’s next on my list!