This Season of Life

Breaking away from the normal programming because I’m just really loving this season of life. Sure, it’s lovely that it’s Christmastime and that we had our first real snowfall and that our house is decorated in its holiday best. But I’m really just happy with life right now.

Not to say that life is perfect– because it isn’t. But it’s really good right now and I firmly believe that when things are you need to embrace the good.

Snow House

Mike and I were just looking at each other the other day like… “this is our life.” We are SO happy and I feel so, so, so grateful. Not even sure that I have words for it hence my… lack of words?

Two Decembers ago, Mike and I decided to move in together so I started making plans to move to Hoboken… then last December our lease was running up and we were starting to do the “where are we going to move?” dance. Even six months ago, we were in the process of buying a house and we weren’t even sure if we were going to be able to close due to some major issues. During all of that transition and all that uncertainty, I dreamed of being where we are now.

(Specifically, though, I really would dream of what our first Christmas in the house would be like!)

For all the visions and dreams I had, actually being here is one hundred times better.

Will this honeymoon-esque feeling last forever? Likely not, although I wish it would. Definitely should bottle a bit up to save for a rainy day down the line, you know?



Your joy is contagious! Thank you for sharing with us in this sweet season. Certainly makes the Christmas season seem even more Christmas-y!


Carly, this is so so sweet, and just #sparksjoy!! This season will be a short, but great one, and I wish you all the joy!! Thanks for spreading some joy on this Tuesday 🙂 Have a happy week!

xx Libby


Though you and I are at different stages of life I 100% agree with you and feel the same way!! I’m very happy with where me and my husband are now, know it won’t last forever, but soaking up all the feels and counting blessings.

Nicole Howe

I’m so glad you are enjoying your first holiday season in you new home.
My husband and I are celebrating our third Christmas season in our home. I still feel like there is a special magic that happens when we decorate for Christmas!


I can relate to this so much – I’m just soaking it up as much as I can! Happy holidays to you, Mike, Teddy and Ham!


This is beautiful and so so happy. Love this type of content from you!

Lucy ♥

This post brought me so much joy! Thank you for making my day (first thing in the morning no less!) 🤗


I have been following you for years and I am so very happy for you, Carly <3 I hope your joy stays with you for many, many years to come.

Gidel O Dawson

Love how happy you are! It is really showing. Wishing you the best and lots more happiness!

Shannon Mahaney

I’m so happy for you in this season of life! The honeymoon phase ebbs and flows through life dependent upon what is happening. It may go away but it always comes back when something good happens!


Your happiness is palpable. I love it! It really seems like you are living your best life right now. I’ve always loved your content, but something about it right now seems happier and so charming. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season 🙂


Your house is picture-perfect!! I have watched you move from place to place and loved your style, but this house seems to suit you the best. I have to say I wanted to comment several times that I like your clothes and selections. You bring a certain sense of order to all of the choices us consumers have to look at. And you do the leg-work for us followers! Thanks for that!
PS – I am probably one of your older followers (about 2 years now) and, even though I am in my early 50’s, I find your energy and openness to be endearing! We have poodles too, so maybe that’s why I like your posts!

Marie M.C.

I’m 76! I wonder if I’m one of Carly’s oldest readers? Lovely post. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Many thanks for bringing joy into my day. 🌺🌹🌹🌺

Anna Hettich

Wonderful text, really happy for you! 🙂
This blog post is a little like saving this feeling for rainy days, isn’t it? :))

Christie C.

I’m so happy for you and Mike. I’m going through a very rough patch, so it’s nice to read about someone who’s in a good place so I can sort of live vicariously through you. Thank you for letting us readers in 🙂

Also, this photo looks like the front of a Christmas card and I love it!!


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? I’m 50, been a single mom for 9 years; my kids are now on their own in college, and I met the love of my life. We, too, feel the gratitude for each other each day.

Have a wonderful holiday. The picture of your home is beautiful.


Your house is beautiful! It’s so great when life feels like that. Life (even when hard) is such a blessing. It’s easy to miss out on blessings we have.


Such a wonderful feeling – and your house is so beautifully decorated! I hope the “honeymoon” feeling does last for you guys, and I can’t wait to feel that way again (hopefully within the next 6 months!) too!
xo, Mia


This photograph looks like a Christmas card! Wishing you the best in this season of life!



This is a beautiful post. We are just about the same age (I’ll be 31 this weekend) and I too am feeling like this is the greatest time of my life. I am more grateful and filled with joy than ever. I love that you are sharing this and spreading the love.



Absolutely love this post. I have such vivid memories from my first winter together with my boyfriend after we moved across the country. So much craziness, so much uncertainty, then boom. It’s all settled and life is good.


THE HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL! Just showed my mom the photo because it’s sooo dreamy! You give me hope in a somewhat not-so-fun-in-between-long-season. =) So happy you are so happy! Caitlin is right, your joy is contagious! And that the dream is even better than what you imagined!

Katie |


Seeing you so happy makes me happy. Thank you for spreading joy! The picture of your beautiful home in the snow and decorated for the holidays warms my heart. Wishing you and Mike a beautiful and memorable holiday season in your new home.


I wish you to be allways so happy in your life.


Enjoy the here and now. Your home is beautiful and your posts radiate happiness. Sometime you have to go threw difficult times to appreciate the up side of life even more.


This is such a lovely positive post – so happy for you!! I’m feeling the same especially as I just love all the festivities at this time of year! Feeling very grateful for all I have and very excited for the future!

Georgia Rose |


You have been glowing with happiness!! So happy for you, Mike and the pups 🙂

Amanda Burrows

WOW I can’t believe it’s already been two Decembers ago that you and Mike talked about moving in together. Time seriously flies! Your home is so adorable and I love the kitchen a lot, you two put a lot of time and decorating into building a lovely place. I am so glad you ar enjoying life together and reflecting on how far both of you have come since then!

XO Amanda || Affordable by Amanda


I’ve been reading you for a long time and I’m so SO happy that you’ve found such great happiness. Thank you for sharing it with us. This period of life is a blessing and one you will carry with you forever!


I started reading your blog several years ago and have stayed for this type of content. In the age of instant gratification and always wanting more, how refreshing to see someone fully embracing and celebrating the now. Thank you!

Marie M.C.

p.s. How on earth did you get the Christmas wreaths hung on the second floor? Did you use a ladder?

Megan Mae Joseph

I know exactly the feeling that you are describing. I have felt it myself before and thought exactly the same thing about wanting to bottle it up for a rainy day. It is so great to be able to have the ability to appreciate happiness when it is there though. So happy for you.

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