This Weekend with Tony Walker

To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I flew up to Buffalo, NY this weekend. But it absolutely ended up being such a fun, whirlwind of a trip. Tony Walker is basically a mecca of… well, everything. I thought it would just be a regular clothing store, but the Tony Walker Center has everything. Really. I got my hair blown out and makeup done in the morning; ate dinner, lunch, and dinner again in the restaurant; and spent the day shopping and meeting everyone in the store that pretty much goes on and on and on.
How sweet! The most delicious cupcakes (I ate too many…) and doughnut holes and all sorts of candy!!!
The boys did a fashion show and were absolutely adorable. Tony Walker always has events going on. It was really interesting to be there as an “out of towner.” In NYC when people shop, everyone keeps their headphones in and just ignores each other, but in Buffalo it’s this whole social event. It honestly made me kind of want to move to somewhere where people are… oh I don’t know… friendly! It felt like on big family 🙂
I got to play dress up and had literally so much fun in and out of the dressing room trying on all sorts of things.
… and met some more people! Some of whom got pictures of me barefoot ha.
After everyone had left, I went through the store picking out ten of my favorite things. It was really fun and also kind of challenging because they have so many absolutely adorable things. Lilly. Jack Rogers. Diptyque candles. Theory. Tory Burch. Essie. Laura Mercier. Paige Denim.
(Have you ever wondered what I look like taking an Instagram? ^^^ Squinty eyes and everything.)
A humongous thank you to the entire Tony Walker team and everyone who stopped by the store. I had more fun than I ever could have imagined and really met some wonderful people!!!

PS Garrett, Teddy, and I definitely need to plan a Buffalo Road Trip this summer when it’s warm!! See ya again soon 🙂
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I'm glad you had fun! I love the blazer with jeans look/outfit! Super cute combo 🙂


Catherine Miller

You look absolutely beautiful! I don't know how you changed so many times but I love all of the outfits especially your first, so sophisticated! 🙂


What a cute looking store!! Also, you look like Kate Middleton in those first few pics!! You hair and the outfit especially 🙂

Abby Widger

Such a great surprise to see myself on your blog! Thanks for a fabulous event 🙂 I did a post all about my day and would love if you could check it out