This year I will…

I always start the year with good intentions and things to think about and apply to my life. I find that if I really commit for a month or two, it becomes second nature and I just have to remind myself every now and again to get back on course.
This year, I have (as always) personal goals that I want to work towards. But I do want to share something that I already started in the fall…
I’m doing my best to cut out judgment. Let me just say this has been extremely difficult as well as extremely rewarding. I don’t think I’m this horrible person. I don’t think I’m a saint either. However, I was surprised by how judgmental I was being without even realizing it. Seriously, I never thought of myself as a judgmental person, until I started making an effort to deliberately stop myself from having judgmental thoughts.
All. The. Judgments.
I did not like what was happening and I decided to try to change it. While I still catch myself passing judgment, I do it as much and I stop myself before it goes too far. 
There’s BIG judgments and I think, for the most part, people try their best when it comes to this. But it’s those small, even the teeny tiny judgments, that are the hardest to shake. I found myself questioning why a woman at Starbucks added six sugar packets to her coffee, questioning the shoe choice of that stranger crossing the street, or (ugh) even judging someone for judging someone else.
Again, I definitely still pass judgment. I wish I could flip a switch and put a complete halt to it altogether. But, it’s life and I am a mere human. It happens, but I’m doing my best to stop those thoughts. 
One of the hardest parts was realizing that when I was around certain people, I was even more judgmental. I found myself slipping into a group think mentality. There were friends who made it easy for me to turn up the knob-of-judgment. No bueno. Once I made the decision to curb my judging, I realized those friendships weren’t aligned with the type of person I was striving to be.
I have been repeating one of my favorite phrases over and over again, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” It’s a good reminder in general and certainly helps when I find a judgment in my thoughts. 


PS I also noticed that so many of my judgmental thoughts weren’t even towards other people… they were towards myself. It’s been a weight off my shoulders to relieve myself of feeling pressured to judge myself. A great bonus, if you ask me!

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Lucija Štrkalj

i was just thinkg about that! I noticed that about myself, too, and I definately don't like that mentality so I'm really going to try to change that! Anyway, great post, as always, and happy New Year!! 😀

Mrs. Mason Dixon

I was just talking about this with friends. Sometimes finding a compliment to say about someone every time you have a judging thought emerge helps, but I love the idea of keeping this quote in mind, too.



I think this is a great New Year's resolution! Being less judgmental is something I have been working on too, and it always makes me more positive when I refrain from judging others or myself!

Prep on a Budget

Kim Topolewski

I definitely judge people way too much and way too harshly. I know some of my judgments of others are just a reflection of qualities I don't like in myself, and I'll catch myself thinking or saying those things and realize I need to stop.
In 2015, I want to just be mindful of everything – what I eat, how I spend my money, etc. I think it'll make me a better person, at least I hope so!



I have decided to focus on a few goals myself on my blog. I feel this year will be my year to step out and try my hardest to achieve my dreams. Have a wonderful New Year!

Eryn Ivey

Preach! Every single one of us is battling something. For me, it is patience. I expect people to do things for me, change in an instant, listen to everything I say. I have to be patient and realize people take time to do things and communicate differently than I do. I can be tough!