Big Savings this Holiday Season

Okay, I have a pretty big confession with this outfit post. I totally stole the whole idea for the outfit from a friend. She wore this once, head to toe, and I have been obsessed with the outfit ever since. I’ve tried to recreate a few times but couldn’t find the right pieces. This post is in partnership with thredUP, and I just about fell off my chair when I found the exact dress that my friend had. It was from about ten years ago from J. Crew, and I was so thrilled to find it that I copied the outfit head to toe.

That’s one of my favorite parts about thredUP. Not only are you making a good choice to purchase second-hand items, you have the opportunity to find gems that you may have missed when they first came out and get them for so much less! It’s the largest online thrift store, with over 15,000 items added every day and they carry all your favorite brands for up to 90% off. From personal experience, I can say that I get overwhelmed in thrift stores, so I love being able to sort for brands, colors, and sizes with ease on thredUP.

thredUP Review


This is my fifth order from thredUP, and they always arrive so beautifully packaged!

thredUP Purchase

J. Crew Argyle Dress

Here’s the breakdown of the savings for the outfit:

J. Crew Jacket | Retails for $148, purchased for $39.99

J. Crew Dress | Retails for $298, purchased for $64.99

J. Crew Mary Jane Shoes | Retails for $158, purchased for $45.99

J. McLaughlin Clutch | Retails for $135, purchased for $64.99

So my total purchase came out to $215.96, but it would have been $739. I saved $523! That’s huge!

Gold Mary Jane Flats

As excited as I was for the dress to arrive, the shoes ended up being my favorite part. Hellllllllo glitter. I will definitely be wearing these frequently this holiday season.

J. Crew Thrift Store

J McLaughlin Clutch Carly Heitlinger

thredUP is offering the first 100 readers an extra 40% off their first purchase by using the code “CARLY40” at checkout. Can’t beat that, right? (Applies to new US customers and redeemable online only. Certain restrictions apply.)

Thank you thredUP for sponsoring this post!

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Did you buy from one seller/closet? Mine always come in separate packaging!

Got a great pair of Gucci Loafers for $108 a month ago!!!!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

ThredUp is so great! Everything I’ve ever ordered looks pretty much brand new. However I do end up returning things a lot because their descriptions aren’t super detailed. I’d love it if they added that a skirt was lined or had a zipper.
But I do love finding things from seasons ago!

Jess Zimlich

There are always one or two things I have non-buyers remorse each season and then I cross my fingers they come back for the next season (most times they don’t, sadly). I need to do some digging to see if I can find them here!

Erin Lucy

This really is an adorable outfit. Love the yellow jacket and glittery shoes. It is great to hear good reviews on this site. I am always reticent when buying used clothing online because you don’t always know the condition or that it is exactly what is pictured.



I LOVE thredUP! I have gotten some of the cutest pieces (usually JCrew and Lilly) from them. I also send my clothes in and make a nice amount.

I also love that you found inspiration from your friend! I realized I copied an outfit of yours head to toe and it’s nice to find that inspiration!

xoxo, Haley