College Prep turned three earlier this week!  I have no idea how I missed this big milestone… I couldn’t fall asleep the other night and I was trying to make a list of posts.  And somewhere along the train of my thought, I remembered!  I posted my first College Prep post just after Christmas.  (I wasn’t sure of the exact date, and sure enough my trusty little iPhone confirmed my suspicions: College Prep officially turned another year older.)
I love that I started blogging right before the new year.  There’s something super clean-feeling about getting ready for the new year and reaching a year milestone.
(The only “birthday” picture I could find where I was blowing out a candle! haha)
Three is also such a weird number.  I’ve written no fewer than four essays/papers (not an exaggeration) on the number three.  So, I’m especially looking forward to what this year will hold!
Over the years, College Prep has certainly evolved… and the evolution is far from over.  I will be graduating in May and I will have to figure out what to do with the name “College Prepster” and/or if I want to change it at all.  I will be going through tons of personal changes (and, surely, challenges) as I transition from College Life to Real Life.  Certainly, College Prep will have to keep up!!!
Thanks to everyone who reads this silly little blog.  I would probably still write it even if no one read it, but having readers does make it a lot more fun!!!  I love reading your comments.  I love interacting on Twitter. I love answering your emails.

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Hi Carly!
Congratulations! My own blog just turned three months old, but like yours it is largely a "college" blog and I too worry about its future when I graduate (in two years). I hope you keep blogging — I love reading your posts. I think a lot of people would be interested in a "just-out-of-college-in-the-real-world" type of blog. There's not a lot of information out there about those awkward first few months/years and it would be wonderful to get the heads-up from a successful young woman like yourself before having to go through it myself!
Keep blogging!
– Cat


Carly, congratulations! This is such an important milestone and you should be soooo proud of what you've done in the last 3 years!
xo Josie