I’ve been an emotional wreck lately. Pregnancy is never easy for me and this pregnancy has been no exception. As we near my due date, along with just a lot of additional stress, I’m feeling extra emotional and extra sappy. I’m so excited to meet this baby and I’m just feeling a lot about becoming a mother to another little baby. Being Jack’s mom has been the greatest privilege of my life and a new baby on his way is bringing up even more thoughts and feelings.

Jack has shown a lot of interest in taking photos. He has a little camera he loves and he’s been swiping my phone to take photos and “bid-eos.” Honestly? He’s not bad! While I do go through at the end of the day and end up deleting about 428 blurry photos of the dogs haha, there are always a few gems. And I love seeing his literal perspective on the world.

Seeing the little snaps of his world through his eyes– including photos of me– has me thinking about what he’s seeing on a daily basis and how I can make sure that what he sees from me is what I want him to see. He is watching and listening and soaking up every second. He’s a little sponge!

When he snapped this particular photo this weekend, I just loved it. It’s his view of me. I couldn’t sleep that night and found myself reflecting on it and thinking about all the things that he’s picking up on throughout the day just by watching and listening.

What does my child see when he sees me?

What do I do in my spare time?

How do I talk about myself and others?

What are my reactions to traffic and long lines and delayed flights?

How do I give to myself and give to give others?

What are my priorities and do my actions match my words?

Do I smile and cry freely?

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Yep! I have 3 girls and have realized I am their biggest role model for what a woman is. Huge responsibility!! This was a beautiful and absolutely true post! Thanks for sharing your authentic feelings. I love Jack’s little photo of you!!!


This is so beautiful- as a mom to a 9 month old daughter, I think the same things. We have the privilege of teaching little people how to be human. This year I’m really focusing on not being on my phone and having hobbies( your blog has influenced me in this way) , not taking about my body negatively and not talking badly about people behind their back, because that’s not the kind of woman I want her to become. I also really want to thank you for this blog- I’ve been reading you since the college prepster days and am so inspired by your content. This is such a lovely little corner of the internet.

Kate Brinkley

Give yourself grace. Parenting is more presence than perfectionism. You can perfectly curate an afternoon, and your kid won’t remember a thing. Or he’ll remember some random moment that left no impression on you. I have screwed up many, many times as a mom over the years, and I try to handle it with honesty. My kids know I am not perfect, but they are loved. Hopefully, they will know we love them too,and that love is not conditioned on being perfect.

Allie N.

What a beautiful perspective. Thanks for sharing the good parts and the hard parts of pregnancy. ❤️

Julie Gilpin

Love this for 100 reasons… wonderful!! Wishing you an easy delivery… I have two boys ( Jack and Luke) and it is tge greatest… craziest. I so miss my little boys, but watching them grow into young me. Is also tge greatest… it all just goes to fast.. 💙💙


I love this! I have a 7 month little boy and am starting to think about these things with him as I notice him taking things in more and more. It is such a joy to get to watch our kids grow and have such an impact on their lives


Oof! Mom of two littles and the traffic thing 🤣🫠. I have the worst tendency toward road rage…definitely have to work on it!

This is such a sweet perspective on motherhood! Have a great week!

Katie Smith

As the mom of a high school senior heading off to college soon, I’ve spent lots of time this year reflecting on motherhood. He’s our only child, so we are entering a whole new phase of life. What I can say, is that the bulk of motherhood is actually not that complicated: be true to yourself, and simply make space for your child to join you along the way. That space you hold will shift/change size as they grow, but the authenticity never changes.


Not a mother yet but always love your perspective on motherhood – thank you for sharing!!


I love the “bideos” way they say ‘videos’ at that age. My son is older now, but I can still hear his little voice saying “bideos”. It all goes too quickly!


Beautiful post, Carly! Even capturing it from his little angle, it’s all so endearing and really puts into perspective just how much they are observing. Sending you so much love in this end stretch!! xx

Debra Coglianese

Dear Carly,

Know that you are doing great! Hang in there. Be nice to yourself.




This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this little snippet of joy (and beautiful photography honestly) and powerful reminder. Love to you all and good wishes on the weeks ahead!


I love this reminder. I think about it often with my nieces and nephews and it really softens my heart and gives me perspective! Sounds like you have many more photos and bid-eos like this coming in the future from sweet Jack. <3