1 in 20 DC adults is positive for HIV.
I’m involved with The Grassroot Project which uses Division I student athletes as role models to teach at-risk DC youth ways to prevent contracting HIV/AIDS. The program is completely unique in that we use the universal love of SPORTS to teach the kids.

The Team Up campaign is an affiliate of The Grassroot Project. We’re bringing the GLOBAL issue of HIV/AIDS to the World Cup 2010. Team Up is planning on running parallel Grassroot programs in DC and Soweto, South Africa leading up to the World Cup. The kids in DC will be paired up with kids from South Africa as pen pals and will be sharing videos about their experiences! [How awesome is that?!?!]

Read MORE about my experience with the Team Up campaign HERE!

We’re doing some serious fund-raising! The sponsorship levels are listed, but any amount (even one dollar) will make a difference!!! Okay, okay… here’s where the GIVEAWAY comes in!

The TIME to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic is now! And to kick of the fundraiser, I’m giving away one of these Anne Klein watches… the winner gets to choose! [Remember: Preppy girls are all over watches right now!]

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:
Here’s the RULES 🙂 [What type A doesn’t love a few rules?]

1 entry: Leave a comment
1 entry: Make a post about this giveaway– Please, please, please include the IMPORTANCE of why I’m doing the giveaway in the post!
1 entry: TWEET about this giveaway!

**If you blog or tweet, be sure to mention that you did so in your comment!!!**

Winner will be announced on MARCH 8 at 12:01 am!

Thanks!!! Y’all are all awesome! GOOD LUCK!

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Chelsey C

This give away brings attention to HIV/AIDS awareness. The Team Up campaign spreads awareness though peer education which is great because children relate better to people who are closer to them in age. HIV/AIDS can be prevented thorough education and awareness and providing people with the resources they need to be safe.


Sorry to gunk up your comment section, thought I would consolidate and add everything to the same comment! I love the watches and the movement! The organization you are working with is truly wonderful.

I tweeted about this @shannonashley and will mention it in my blog;

Thanks for the giveaway!


Oh neat!! What a good cause! Thanks for hosting- I love the first watch! Oh and the last- wait, all of them are lovely! Thanks for hosting this!!

Legally Pink and Green

I love your work with Team Up! What a unique idea. I will post this giveaway on my blog and link to your Team Up stuff. I think a giveaway is such a good way to get exposure for not only your blog but, perhaps more importantly, for your amazing cause! Good luck girl. xx


It's "TIME" to step up for an organization by spreading the GrassRoots movement TeamUp and/or donating to a very worthy cause. Great choices of watches. You do pop up with fun surprises and giveaways on your blog Carly!!!


You're great! Getting involved and helping out the community!! Annnnnd managed to do so with blogworld!! Props!

California Funk

I'm a guy…I don't really want any of those watches…cause I'm a guy. But I just wanted to say how proud I am of College Prepster because she has so much to worry about with college and crew, and she still manages to write this f***ing awesome blog. So props to College Prepster.

Lets give her a *Shout Out*
clap-clap-clap, clap-clap-clap, wooo wooo

Tricky Vicky


PRAISE CIRCLE: I want to give College Prepster a wikiwikiBOOM because she is such an amazing person and I am so proud of her for always doing what is right!!

What a great CAUSE!!

GO TEAM UP!!!!!!!!!


My goodness…a giveaway brings everyone out of the woodwork!!! I'm just hoping they are helping the cause, not just looking for a free watch!!!


While you're teaching them about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, you should briefly caution them about the dangers of payday loans. Bankruptcy, losing your car… those loans are dangerous!


What you are doing is really great! I am involved with a club at my university that tries to raise awareness about a variety of issues…HIV/AIDS being among them!


What a great giveaway!I applaud what youre doing
I wish I had a blog or a tweet acct so i could spread the word abt your giveaway, but please count me in!


I wish there was a "like" button on blogspot for all of these posts! xoxo

Stafford Wife

I don't really blog or tweet but I'm a follower and I have told people about your blog post old-school style. : ) We have an apt. in the DC area and were shocked to hear those statistics.