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(First, thank you everyone for the kind Tumblr messages, tweets, comments, and FB messages wishing me a happy birthday.)   As some of you may know, I’m really big on Life Goals.  Life Goals are “big picture” things that I’d like to accomplish.  I have other mini-goals that may add up to a real Life Goal over time.  I take these very seriously.   A lot of my Life Goals are personal things that I keep to myself, but one that is quite public and quite high (um, number one to be exact) is to be on the Today Show.  I’ve watched the show since I was little and have always been completely intrigued by it.  At some point in middle school, I decided I wanted to be on the show before I was 22.  Arbitrarily chosen, but turned out to be a really good approximation.  The only stipulation is that it can’t be for something bad.   Well, I’m 22 today.   And yesterday, an article I wrote was published on  Now, it’s not exactly the show show, but I think it’s definitely a good start.  Over the summer, I was contacted by the editor and through various emails and phone calls, we came up with a few ideas.  One of which is this 2-part article.  It’s a watered down version of The Freshman 50, but covers the basic (and “big picture”) advice I have.   Anyway- I love for you guys to take a look!!!   Today Show 1   You can view the article here.   Today Show   (On the home page!)   xoxo   PS I can’t wait for you to see the other surprise coming up on soon!

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Dani Warly

Carly, congratulations! As a longtime reader of College Prep, I'm thrilled to follow where your blog has taken you and am so excited to hear of what you've accomplished. What a fabulous article. You are so wonderful, and I'm so happy for you. Happy birthday and happy September!

cate in MHD

Yeah Carly! Happy birthday, happy senior year, happy Keep writing. Although I am way out of college 18 years to be exact, I love reading all about Georgetown, your study habits and cute stuff!

Mademoiselle Michael

Carly! What a wonderful article! Your voice is tremendously consistent and you write so well. I appreciate how real you are in the article, and sharing your background is something that will appeal to the readership. I believe that stories built on honesty carry readers further. You deserve to be commended for your hard work. Happy Birthday!! – Michael 🙂


Great job, Carly! I have enjoyed following you since my son was a freshman at Georgetown. I know your mom must be very proud of you because I feel so proud of you and you are not even my daughter!! I will stow away all your invaluable advice when I send my other two children off to school in the future and I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for you when I am visiting campus. I was there last night delivering food to the guys and wish I had known it was your b-day for I would have brought along a cake, too! Have fun!


Congratulations! I read the article and loved it, and passed it along to my big sister, whose a freshman in college.


Congratulations!! This is very exciting. I'll keep an eye out for your article…on the show. There's no way they can pass this up by not putting it on the air. Maybe Hoda and KLG will mention something. crossing my fingers for you.