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Remember the project that I’ve been hinting at in various blog posts and tweets?  Well part of it was the article I wrote for about starting college, and the other, well… I can finally show you!
I did a photoshoot slash blog post for The Look,’s fashion blog.  I’m not sure if I can even begin to describe how I excited I am.
I enlisted Sporty Sister and a bunch of her friends from school to join in the shoot.  We all met at our house and everyone brought different articles of clothing.  You should have seen the Ladies Lounge… it looked like a bomb went off, but it was oh-so-beautiful.  We styled a bunch of looks and I then we trekked over to the University of Tampa.
These poor girls… it was at least 95 degrees out and they were totally layered with a bunch of Fall clothing.  I’m so thankful that, despite the heat, they were 100% into it.  We all had fun!
Here are some more photos from the shoot:

We were really hot after an hour-ish.  We wrapped up and headed back to my house to view the pictures.  We loaded the SD card into the flat screen and we just went through all (six hundred) pictures.
I love that every look is “preppy,” but also completely unique.  Each outfit had a personality.
Big thank you to and Sporty Sister et al!

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Anna H

The outfits look great! I love that they're all different but I would wear every single one! You're so close to being on the Today Show!!!


all of these outfits are ADORABLE!! love them
especially the dress and desert boots and the leggings and tunic ..where are those boots from that shes wearing?