Just a quick little personal post because I want to selfishly document it for myself!!

We had such a nice little weekend trip to Tampa to see my parents. My sister was unfortunately at a wedding so we only got to see her on the last night for dinner. (I did keep Jack up past his bedtime so they could reunite after she got home from her flight!!) My dad and Mike played in the member/guest tournament at my parents’ country club and my mom and I hung out with Jack while they golfed. Honestly it was just a lot of toddler fun. We took advantage of the warm (um… very hot) weather and playground and pool hopped.

I have to say… we had the most freakishly easy flight on the way down. I get anxious before any flight and it goes up a few notches when you add a toddler to the mix. You just never know how it’s going to go. We happened to get a flight that overlapped with his nap and it just… worked perfectly?! I felt like there was a glitch in the matrix. It was THE easiest travel day I’ve ever experienced. Not just with a toddler but ever. We had a slow paced morning…. it was a breeze getting to the airport…. even breezier getting through security (we got Clear with Precheck and it is insane how quick it is)…. and (!!!!) an easy, breezy flight. Jack watched a little Cocomelon on the screen and then I miraculously “shhh shhh shhh’d” in his ear and got him to fall asleep for the rest of the flight. I read. I drank a cup of coffee. And then it felt like I blinked and the pilot was announcing our descent. Everyone we interacted with, from security to passengers on the plane, was so friendly and nice and spirits overall were high.

My parents got a lot of loving with Jack!

We hit up a couple of our favorite parks every day. Truly a highlight for me and 100% for Jack, too. Of course his little basketball came with us every time. I will admit that I am terribly exhausted chasing him around, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I feel like with babies there’s a sense of exhaustion from lack of sleep… this is a different kind of tired though. He is non-stop!!! He’s happy and active though and I cannot complain. Just over here living life to the fullest.

On Saturday night, the four of us went to a dinner party for the golf tournament. It was such a gorgeous night. We sat outside for dinner and watched the sun set over the course. I got a babysitter recommendation from our family friend and it was nice to go out and have a little fun!


In addition to playgrounds, we had so much fun swimming at the country club too. My mom and I would bring Jack to swim and we ate lunch by the pool every day while waiting for the guys to finish golfing…. and then we’d scoot home for his afternoon nap. It’s such a fun experience going back to the places I spent soooooo much time at as a kid and seeing my own child experience it. It’s amazing! (And very wild seeing all these high school classmates there with their kids now too 🤣 We’re old.)

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I lived in South Tampa for about ten years and had two of my three babies there. Recognized all the places here and am so glad you posted these pics so I could walk down memory lane too, ha. My kids always loved going to the playground on Davis Islands right by the little league fields. The playground itself isn’t that special but you can walk a block behind it and see the channel and watch all the boats and that was always a huge hit for them (similarly they enjoyed watching planes at Sea Basin Park)! Plus DI Coffee and More is a great spot to grab a little treat. 😉


Looks like such a fun weekend! It was a hot one in FL, we were there for our baby shower with my in-laws.
Do you happen to know what sunglasses your mom is wearing in the pictures? I love the shape of them!


Wow looks like a fun trip! Curious what car seat you have (and would you recommend it?)


Lovely post Carly! Thanks for including the positive flight experience. I’m traveling with my kids soon and I always stress, but hearing your good fortune brings me some hope!