Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

I’ve been saving this post for the 11th. After 9/11/01, it became even more important for me to visit national landmarks. We have pictures of my family on the World Trade Centers during a cold sunset and the pictures (beautiful on their own) are wonderful.


Even though I go to school in DC sometimes I don’t get out and do “DC” things. This weekend the team went on a run from the boathouse to see the changing of the guards. [CP sidenote: I rode a bike…. I’m not much of a runner, uh oh.]

It was the first day where it wasn’t brutally hot, and we were experiencing very pleasant breezes courtesy of Earl.

I have never been to Arlington Cemetery and was completely blown away by the beauty of the grounds. It was way larger than I could have imagined. And the rolling hills with tombstone upon tombstone was breathtaking.

The actual changing of the guard ceremony was incredible. The precision that the guards have was unbelievable and beautiful. I loved that the ground had permanent marks from so much marching. When at the ceremony, it is completely silent. I feel like nowadays, there’s always some sort of noise. Cars, computers, cell phones. But it was silent. True silence.

If you’re ever in DC, this is something you do NOT want to miss. Some of the guys and I were saying how we’d like to go more often.


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as sad as it is going there, arlington was one of my favorite places to go while i was down there! thanks for sharing the pictures for those who couldn't be down there to experience it all yesterday xox