Tools for Vlogging

I have had so much fun making videos for my Youtube channel. It’s something that I have wanted to do for a while and would occasionally dip my toes into. A little over a month ago I decided to challenge myself to doing a new video every week. I honestly love it. The filming part is fun and I have really had a great time learning how to edit better. (Not so much the talking to the camera part, but I’m getting more used to it.)

My blog has been such a huge part of my life (eight years in December!) and it’s my baseline for normalcy. The video thing has been fun, I think, largely because it’s a new challenge. I won’t be changing anything else on my blog and social channels, just additionally uploading videos. I probably won’t mention it too much here, except every now and then… but I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel so you never miss one!

While I’ve been doing once-a-week videos, I decided to try (almost) daily vlogging too. They’re my favorite kinds of videos to watch on Youtube myself because they’re casual and not overly perfect. I am personally hooked on a few channels that put up daily vlogs, which is what inspired me to start posting more. It’s been off to a rocky start (forgotten chargers, cranky mode from heat, etc.) so we will see how it goes ? Please bear with me as I get more used to it!

Tools for Vlogging

As I started posting more videos, I have been asked more times than I can count about how I do it. Guys, I’m the most beginner beginner here, but I will let you know what I’m using right now. Who knows what I will end up doing later… but for now here’s what has been working for me:


I did a lot of research for cameras and this one kept coming back up. I’m incredibly happy with it. It’s great for vlogging because the back screen flips up so you can see what’s happening while you film yourself. Besides just being a great vlogging camera, it’s actually an amazing camera in general. Super small (fits into clutches), but has a ton of settings and capabilities. (I’d recommend it as a travel camera if you don’t want to lug around a big camera but want better quality than an iPhone.)

The only issue I’ve had with it is that the lens cover got a little wonky because I had just been throwing it into my purse!

THE TRIPOD: Joby Flexible Tripod

I added this a few videos in and it just makes filming so much easier. It’s flexible so you can hook it or stand it on anything. (While on Nantucket, we used to the tripod to hook it to the top of the boat for a selfie shot.) It also makes holding the camera easier while you’re filming, especially if you’re filming yourself. It essentially makes it so you don’t see any of your arm– and it’s way more comfortable to hold it that way anyway.


I’ve been editing the more recent videos with Final Cut Pro (I splurged), but I’ve always loved iMovie, too. If you’re just starting out, I would commit to learning iMovie and getting comfortable with editing there before upgrading to Final Cut Pro. The transition to Final Cut will be so much easier if you have a basic understanding of iMovie. I talked about how I’ve been teaching myself Final Cut before, but essentially I like trial and error, Youtube videos to figure out how to do something specific, and for full-on lessons.

Do you have a favorite Youtuber that I should watch?!

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Where do you get your music for your videos? I am a high school teacher and want to be able to access music for students to add to their projects.


There are a TON of channels on YouTube with copyright/royalty free songs from independent artists!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

haha the majority of YouTubers I subscribe to all use Canon G7x and Final Cut Pro! I’m still working on my photography, but once I feel like I’ve mastered that medium, perhaps I’ll explore vlogging some more, and in that case, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going for the Canon G7x as well! Also, I’ve been loving your YouTube channel <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I’ve really enjoyed your videos! It’s inspired me to start at least learning iMovie and putting together my own home videos of my family.

VaNessa Thompson

i cannot afford the canon G7 right now, but i am definitely thinking about it though.

probably one of the most creative youtubers who does vlogs and overall cool content is Claire Marshall and Estee Lalonde.


I honestly love watching your videos, Carly, and I’ve been on Youtube for a very long time (since about 2008) watching and subscribing to channels. My favorite channels are Estee Lalonde (already mentioned above but she’s great!), Zoe Sugg (Zoella – but MoreZoella, her second channel, is her vlogging channel and I think it’s as good as her main channel), Ingrid Nilsen, Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen), Fleur Deforce (makeup/beauty), and I love family daily vloggers too – I think the SacconeJolys are adorable (and very honest with their vlogging), as well as ItsJudyLife. Alli Speed has been hands down a favorite of mine since 2009 and she’s from Florida! Honestly you can’t go wrong – find who you enjoy watching and go with it!!!


It’s been so fun watching your vlogs! I recently started vlogging too in addition to my regular videos and it has been a blast. I use the same camera and love it, but also have had the same issue with the lens cover. Thanks for sharing!
Always, Hunter

Matthew Watkins

Love your vlogs! Keep up the great work.

SawyerHartman is an amazing daily vlogger. His drone stuff is incredible and his ability to find the beauty in such small things is incredible.

AmandaCernyVlogs is pretty good too. She is new at daily vlogging but very funny and just plain fun.



I was wondering if you have any advice or tips for those who want to get started on YouTube? I’ve been wanting to start a vlog channel for a while now, as well as posting make-up tutorials and DIY projects. But I have no idea how to get started. I am super fearful of failure. I worry over the little things like creating a follower base/building up subscribers, and advertising. Because of these worries, I don’t even want to attempt it. (Fear of failure, plus fear of the unknown makes a great combo, huh?)