Top Posts & Products of 2019

Wanted to quickly put this together with the top posts and top products from the blog this year!


One // Hi Mike

Mike finally agreed to show his face on my blog & Instagram!! He’s still not keen on it, which I understand and respect, but I was glad I could finally share some of my favorite photos together.

Two // We Bought a House

Not surprisingly, this big news was the second most-read post. It was such a hard secret to keep, especially since our closing was delayed by almost two months, so I was relieved that I could finally let the cat out of the bag!!

Three // My Chanel Bag

I was kind of nervous to share this post and debated on whether to even write it or not. Ultimately, I’m glad I did.

Four // What To Pack for Alaska

This trip was years ago, but the posts have done well on Pinterest and Google searches. I still get a few emails a month from people planning trips to Alaska. I had no idea how to pack when I was prepping for the trip, so I’m glad people are finding the post helpful all these years later.

Five // House Update: What’s Been Done So Far

This was such a fun post to put together and I remember thinking… oh man, I have so much more to do! Buying a house was such a process and then decorating it and filling it with furniture felt only slightly less daunting. We’re still not done, but it’s fun to go back and see how much the house has come along in only six months.

Six // My New Espresso Maker

Considering this was one of my favorite purchases of the year, it makes my heart happy that it was also one of your favorite posts. I also can’t shut up about it, so it’s probably because I link back to this post every chance I get, ha.

Seven // How to Tie Bean Boots

Another legacy post with really good SEO. I actually have had a handful of people come up to me to say that they found my blog because of this post!

Eight // House Hunters: Prepster Edition

This was personally a fun post to write!! I hadn’t been able to share the houses we looked at for obvious reasons so it was fun to share some of the other top contenders.

Nine // 10 Things I Love On Sale Today

Kind of surprised to see that my Cyber Monday post made the cut even though it’s pretty “young” on the blog!

Ten // Updated Blogging Tips 

This has been one of the most successful posts on here (I wrote it in 2016)!!


There are a few ways to figure out what the top products for the year are (clicks, conversions, order #s, etc.) I’m going by items sold just because I think it’s the most straightforward.

One // J. Crew 1988 Rollneck Sweater

Two // Yeti 20-Ounce Rambler Tumbler 

Three // Bissel SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Four // Custom Catan Board

Five // J. Crew Plush Fleece Excursion Vest

Six // J. Crew Plunge V-Neck Swim Suit

Seven // J. Crew Satin Turban

Eight // J. Crew Stripe Boatneck T-Shirt

Nine // Big Bow Plaid Midi Skirt 

Ten // Sam Edelman Pointy Toe Pump

TOP INSTAGRAM: My Mia Thermopolis costume!!!

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