This is another reader request. Unfortunately, Fall seems to fly by.
I put together three Polyvore sets that show how to wear the same skirt throughout Fall and into Winter. The same skirt I posted about yesterday, of course!
early fall transition
For chilly mornings, brisk afternoons, and cool evenings: Penny loafers a la Nancy Drew paired with white ankle socks. Throw on a short sleeved polo and layer with a navy cardigan.
late fall transition
For sunny days and nippy nights: Tall riding boots (with knee socks, of course). A warm turtleneck and a cable knit scarf.
winter transition
For wintry walks and icy temperatures: Thick tights and Hunter Wellingtons. Fleece liners, not optional. Cable knit gloves and a matching beret. And a warm peacoat to top it off.
Don’t forget about my TUGS giveaway…. lovin’ it!

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Loving the VV skirts this fall! Theres a great VV Outlet in New York and Orlando and they have all of the stuff in their CURRENT catalogs!


Nice selection. I love those penny loafers and ankle socks. I love to wear those like Rachel on Glee. Such a great classic preppy look. Nice how you transitioned the skirt, a great way to stretch your wardrobe and not spend too much!