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I am having a little bit of wanderlust. Staying in New York City over the holidays was nice, but I would like to do a tiny trip sometime soon. I’m actually craving it. Normally, packing is such a stressful thing for me… I’m always paranoid that I’m going to forget something.
Right now, however, I’m totally ready to throw some basics into a bag and travel. Does anyone else ever feel like this? I’d bring the bare minimum and travel as light as possible. Just for a quick little jaunt… and then return to the wonderfully busy, fast-paced life that is Manhattan.
Or I could just pretend that I had a trip coming up…
The sun seemingly never shines anymore. It takes a while for the sun to rise above the building and even then, there can’t be a cloud in the sky. Before you know it, the sun is setting. I miss those long, long sunny days in Florida. Even though I think it’s not “hot” in Florida right now, I would totally be outside in a bathing suit soaking up every ray of Vitamin D (while wearing sunscreen) as possible!
I’m also dying to go abroad again!! It’s been too long (and frankly, my time in London was anything but a vacation). When I went to Italy for a field trip in middle school, I remember being so concerned about packing and bringing everything. In reality, we got there and didn’t think twice about our clothes. We were too enamored with everything around us to care about what we wore the entire trip. I would much rather travel light with the absolute bare minimum and enjoy the sights and sounds and tastes of wherever I ended up.
If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and what would you bring?


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Well, I'm headed to Thailand in a week so if I could hop on a plane tomorrow I thnik I would just get there sooner!
And I agree with just throwing your basicas in a bag- I don't think vacation should feel like a hassel in terms of packing and what you wear.


My family told me south Florida is in the 80s right now… I'm so jealous! But if I could just hop on a plane I'd probably go to Australia!

Claire Peucker

Right this second I'd love to be on an island somewhere, just lazing by the beach because I'm just so tired.

But if I could wait til their summer….I'd really love to hop on a plane to London (one of my favourite cities in the world) and then Europe.

Ashley Turner

I did the same when's went to Paris recently… Packed way too much! Have been honking about booking a weekend somewhere warm soon… Maybe Spain of South of France… Taking a bikini and a cover-up… And that's it!


Ahh, I love traveling!
I'm headed to Mexico this month, & I'm already thinking about the dreaded packing. I'm an over-packer by nature, but I'm trying really hard this time to pack only necessities & fit everything into my smallest suitcase. Wish me luck!


that Lilly bag is perfect for travel!

I'm going to Mexico in a few months and I'm planning on bringing a whole lot of dresses and sunscreen… and that's pretty much it! no cell phone, no laptop, no tablet… sigh 🙂


i have had a serious case on wanderlust lately. i really want to go to nyc, paris and italy. i have a tiny pink rolling carry on bag that i have decided is now going on every trip with me because i can somehow fit over a week of clothes in it (i'm an ocd packer).

Anna H

If I could travel anywhere right this second, it would be Australia. I'm starting to get seriously tired of this cold weather, and I could use some beach time! I'd pack as little as humanly possible – a bathing suit and towel, a few outfits, and a few great books!

Katies Bliss

I'm craving a trip too! The city really can wear on you so I feel you there! Both of those are perfect bags for a weekend trip 🙂



I am itching for a trip to Moscow right now! I went to St Petersburg this summer and it wasn't quite enough to satiate my hunger for Russia 🙂

Liz Byrne

I am going to Nicaragua spring break for the second time! I am so excited!

I have a question: what app is this?



Always wanted to go to Paris but with the weather in NYC right now I want a white sandy beach and clear blue waters. I'm packing shades, a bikini, a towel and not much else lol