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I’m back in NYC after being gone for a heavenly week. I try to pack lightly, including toiletries, but I deem quite a few things “necessary” for being on the road. Luckily my apartment bathroom has ample storage for all my lotions and potions! While traveling, I keep it down to the very bare bones. Just what I need and use on an everyday basis.
Face Brush // This is one of the best brushes I’ve ever owned. Brushes can get expensive, but this is a good overall everyday kind of brush. I call it a kabuki brush (cannot remember when/why I started calling it that) and use it to apply my bronzer every morning. I rub my cheek bones with it and then swipe my forehead and nose.
Venus Razor // I. Do. Not. Go. Anywhere. Without. This. I have very dark hair and cannot go more than a day without shaving my legs. Frankly, I could shave my legs every four hours and still feel like I needed to shave again. Being a girl is just great… ugh.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser // If we’re talking space, I’d 100% pack my favorite cleanser over makeup any day of the week. I’ve made the mistake before of skipping on my cleanser only to find myself allergic to one at the hotel or without one completely… and breaking out everywhere. I will check my bag just so I can bring my full bottle of it too.
Blush Brush // I could probably do without my blush and my blush brush, but… I just love adding a little color to my cheeks too much.
Crest 3D White // I never trust that the place I’m going will have toothpaste. 98% of the time, they will, but that’s definitely not worth the risk. Over the past year I’ve been switching brands around a bit and the 3D White is currently leading for my fave. I don’t know how well the whitening part is working (whatever work it does is surely overwhelmed by the amount of coffee I drink), but it doesn’t have a crazy strong or chemically taste which is kind of how I judge my toothpaste.
Secret Deodorant // Deodorant is one thing I’m not terribly loyal about. I switch brands often based on the scents available, the time of year, and what’s on sale!! The three things I care about in order of importance: it has to work, it shouldn’t be visible, and it can smell nice.
Almay Lipstick // I did a giveaway with this lipstick and got a set for myself… This stuff is really great. The pink shade is perfect for everyday wear so I throw it along for traveling. I probably won’t wear it, but if I end up wanting to look a bit more presentable, I’ll whip it out.
Nail Polish // I. Hate. Chipped. Nails. I bring the color I’m wearing along for touchups throughout my trip. 
Julep Eyeliner // As you can tell from the nub of the pencil, I love this eyeliner. It’s arguably the best one I’ve ever used. Sometimes I’ll go for a gel liner or one that does a good winged eye, but this is hands down my favorite.
Concealer Stick // Anyone else get bad circles under their eyes from traveling? I use this sparingly while getting ready, maybe a dab under my eyes and on any spots I want extra coverage for. It’s also great to keep on you (in your handbag) for touchups throughout the day. 
bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara // Whoaaaa this mascara. I’ve never been loyal to mascaras (I always buy the cheapest at the drug store), but bareMinerals sent me this as part of a package for another product and I can’t believe how well it works. I feel like 98% of the time mascara claims are bogus, but this stuff legitimately works. The brush twists around and I swear it lengthens my lashes like never before.
Tinted Moisturizer // I always bring a tinted moisturizer. This isn’t my usual favorite (I love Bobbi Brown’s), but I don’t hate it. I’ve been testing it out for a couple of weeks so I brought it with me while traveling. It’s somewhere between a foundation, a BB cream, and a tinted moisturizer. It honestly might have a bit too much coverage for my personal liking, so I’ll stick to my favorite tinted moisturizer.
Eyebrow Shaper // I don’t go anywhere without this stuff. It’s like a mascara for your eyebrows. Lasts way longer and looks 10x more natural than a powder.
Blush and Bronzer // Again, I need a little color on my face. A bit of bronzer and a spot of blush and I feel like a whole new woman!

Origins Night-A-Mins // Moisturizer is the hardest thing for me to consolidate. I’ve become super obsessive about moisturizing at night and have a pretty long routine for it. The Origins Nit-A-Mins is that one moisturizer that does all the jobs I need while traveling. It’s incredible. I slather it on at night and use a bit of it in the morning to prime my face.
What toiletries do you think are must-haves for traveling?

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Makeup wipes are a definite travel essential because they are easier to carry than regular makeup remover and can feel super refreshing after traveling. I also need to always carry the heaviest moisturizer and lip balm because my skin gets extra dry after I fly!

Annie Belle

Nidhi Patel

I severely struggle with downsizing my toiletries when traveling, but I feel like my face cleanser is my travel necessity, its Purity by Philosophy and its perfect! I also definitely need to have the travel size of my moisturizer, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
An Unblurred Lady


Love your streamlined packing!

Fresh Soy Cleanser, Eye Makeup Remover and Moisturizer are must-haves for me. One of my tricks is to go to the Fresh boutique and, if I'm not going on a really long trip, ask for samples of what I use. They are always great about giving me enough and they take up less space in my bag. Another trick is to use a safety pin to poke a hole the sample package and dispense it that way. Trying to tear open the sample always means I throw away more than I use! It also means that I don't worry about spillage during travel.

Of course the most fun is finding a fun bag! Love your Henri Bendel option!

Safe travels to all!

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

Diana Karavida

I will without a doubt check my bag too just so I can have my face cleanser! I also love the Bare Minerals lash domination mascara. I feel like I always need to bring my normal stuff along because I have such sensitive skin and my hair is super curly, so I don't like to mix it up from my normal routine!

Alex Byer

Great picks! One trick I use when traveling (slash all the time because I'm super lazy) is to use my lipstick as my blush. Saves a bit of space! Also, I think all those types of brushes (short handle, dense bristles) are called kabuki brushes 😉

Heather Bien

That Night-a-mins moisturizer is my absolute favorite! It's SO hydrating. Also, that Bobbi Brown pot that you have pictured is one of the best natural looking crème blushes out there – I use it almost everyday!


I am also a member of the black body hair club…on vacation I will shave twice a day and then moisturize with Aquaphor or Eucerin overnight to show my skin some love.