Travel Wraps

I’m not the best traveler out there. In fact, it stresses me out so much I’m nearly always tempted just to stay home. I force myself to get out there, but being a cool jet setter is just not in my nature. Because of this, I try my best to make traveling a little easier. Audiobooks for long drives. Noise canceling headphones and a juicy book and candy for a plane.

I also try to be comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of wearing athletic clothes while traveling, but I’m still not going to get super dressed up. Jeans, comfortable flats, and a wrinkle-resistant shirt of some kind is my go-to. I wear pants 99% of the time. I don’t care if my plane is landing on an island in the Carribean, I’m wearing jeans on the flight because I’m always freezing in airports and on airplanes. When I’m warm and comfortable, it’s one less thing to stress about while traveling. A key element of this is a cashmere wrap.

After traveling earlier this week, a few people asked about the one I was wearing. It’s an old Lilly Pulitzer cashmere wrap. Unfortunately, it’s long sold out… but, fortunately, it’s a testament for how investing in something and taking care of it can pay off! I can’t remember exactly when I got it, but it was sometime during college, so it’s at least five years old.

I won’t travel without it! It’s cozy and easy to throw on. But it can also double as a blanket or a pillow if a flight is especially uncomfortable.

Travel Wraps

I’m sharing ten great picks below. My top pick is the Cuyana Alpaca cape. I got this for a few friends and my sister for Christmas a few years ago. It’s stunning on and can be worn and styled so many ways beyond a travel outfit.

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